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Embrace your inner dragon... wake up!!!

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posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 10:36 AM
Silence your mind
Open your heart
Listen to these words coming to you softly speaking from within
Listen for your spirit calling
A longing so deep within
Longing trough your heart
Wake up
Wake up
Hear me calling
Feel the dragon from within
You were blinded
You were killed
Everyway they had their way
Loneliness and longing
Heart of dispear
Broken dreams of love Joy dying silently like
a dream fading away
You were made wrong
Casted into darkness
You went to the lonely mountains of your mind
To lie gazing,silently crying within,at the stars
Comforting you with their soft music and their
light of forgetfullness
Somebody called you
The oldest friend you got
The only friend
You choose to come back
Now you are here having no clue
This reality makes no sense
Listen to your heart
You are a dragon
In beauty and power
Feel it growing from deep inside
You did not came here to play by their rules
Nor to be one of their slaves
You came here for freedom
For spirit and soul
You came here for truth
Creating the world
Your fire is power
We are many now
We stand up for truth

We are calling our true Father,
our true Source
This year,
the year of the dragon
He will return

We call him from our circle of truth for to return from oblivion

Thankyou for reading so far
Please resonate within
Feel the intention of truth within these words
Let your inner dragon wake up
From within your true essence

You are needed
Time to take creation back

One love

posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 11:04 AM
Embrace your higher energy, acknowledge its AWARE

you DRIVE this long in 3d, yet your higher self is not there

your higher self or energy, manifested as dragon may be

Like fire flies in midnight skies, ILLUMINATING for ALL to see

The reality of DARK, in which many are trapped as of now

now you awake in 3rd dimension, as a human a bit scaled down

Try your best to resonate, or vibrate at highest frequency

To release the dragon deep within, to support ALL that be

Dragons are beautiful, in how they bring their own light display

so beautiful even in day light, they brighten up the way

to encourage looking thru the darkness, to see better times exist

so don't feel trapped in a soul prison, for your keys may be within

bonded ONLY by the LAWS, of the CREATOR influence indeed

for YES it was the CREATOR, who woke and finally FREED

These beast to SOME and GUARDIANS TO OTHERS -DRAGONS do you say?

May their breath wash away EVOL deeds, and enlighten our EVERY WAYS



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posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

Thankyou loved brother

The dragons fire is eternal connected with the true collective, a circle of power created by free equal spirits and souls, even now physical beings.
Fire burning away what does not serve the truth, love light eternal

Calling our true Father back from oblivion
Soon to arrive, connecting Earth and heavens

posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 07:58 AM
reply to post by laffoe

You are very welcome brothren. Inside I feel universally we all (the Creator Creations) have LIGHT in various forms some have the LIGHT to care and assist or show STO (service to others) in forms of LOVE and compassion others carry it in a more protective form a Guardian form this is where the Dragon 1 feels relates, OTHERS JUST USE IT TO THEIR ADVANTAGES TO CONTROLL OTHER LIGHTS. I have always felt those known as dragons are like guardians of some kind. They are not bonded physically-spiritually-socially by the politics of species controlling species or even race controlling race. To me they seem like balancers following and elder/ancient code installed within them by the CREATOR of us ALL* to keep the universe and beyond in balance. Like if a species grows too strong and develops ego over time and begin to cause mass destruction and low emitting vibrations from beings that can produce high frequencies, due to those beings being overwhelmed or enslaved. I feel the dragons can sense the negative flows and then they attract to them naturally. In this realm they are or would be attracted to the 3d unbalance, but in another realm or higher or lower dimension they may still continue on in the rebalancing of certain out of control creator creation energies. So they in many ways to me can switch frequencies with those in which they seek balance the (STS or service to others types of creator creation energies). So in 3d (where human or other creation energies flesh may exist controlled by the energies within) their actions may be observed but they may also be able to see those they are rebalancing as they switch frequencies into other non 3d dimensions ect. This helps track and adjust those STS types in multiple plains ensuring their frequency rebalance of the STO so they eventually FIT into the Existence plan. Take care laffoe my friend and keep up the positive VIBES.


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