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Legislative Bills Proposed in Six States would Grant Nutrition Monopoly to ADA

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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 09:09 AM
this is some scary stuff.

i knew thatmost foods, that schools serve, are laced with additives and other chemicals.
that´s why certain famous and professionals chefs are taking a stand against this.

an example of this is TV Chef Jamie Oliver who is taking a stand against the food served in schools.

but that´s not exactly the point of this thread, because the article i´m about to show you doesn´t revolve around the UK but the US.
this was just to cite an example.

Have you ever wondered why much of the food served to patients in hospitals is highly processed and unhealthy? Or why school lunches at public schools are often loaded with refined flours, sugars, and other toxic ingredients and additives? The American Dietetic Association (ADA), a junk food- and drug industry-funded organization composed of "food and nutrition professionals" that hold heavy influence on the nation's dietary habits, is largely to blame -- and this group is now actively trying to legislate its way into having a complete nutrition monopoly in at least six U.S. states and counting.

nobody should have a monopoly on this.
where´s the so called free market in this?

The Alliance for Natural Health - USA (ANH-USA) says that proposed bills in California, New York, Indiana, New Jersey, Colorado, and West Virginia seek to restrict nutrition counseling and services only to ADA-registered dietitians. This means that qualified nutritionists, many of whom are far more educated than many RDs, would no longer be allowed to become licensed, which means they would no longer be able to provide nutrition counseling.

The ADA is largely funded and supported by junk food and drug companies

In fiscal year 2000, the following companies contributed $10,000 or more: BASF Corp., Bristol Myers/Squibb, California Avocado Company, The Catfish Institute, ConAgra Foods, DMI Management, EcoLab, Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Gerber Products Company, Kellogg, Knoll Pharmaceuticals, Lipton, Mars, Inc., Mead Johnson Nutritionals, McNeil Consumer Products Company, Monsanto, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, National Dairy Council, National Fisheries Institute, National Pasta Association, The Peanut Institute, Potato Board, Procter & Gamble, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Ross Products Division, Abbott Laboratories, Viactiv, Worthington Foods.

see some interesting names pop up here.
namely: Monsanto...!

thoughts ATS?

source for the article

source for the list of companies that funded the ADA

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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 09:38 AM
Where are the parents in all this. They should be controlling what their children consume. We had crap available when I was at school as well ,but my mother made sure we had appropriate nutrition,whether we liked it or not. Didnt always like it ,but very much appreciate what she did now. A childs nutrition should be the domain of the parents.
Anyway it seems the US is becoming country of monopolies. Unless you have big bucks to lobby against it,what can you do. Start an "Occupy School Cafe" movement?
Wait no..They will end up as some perceived threat and detained indefinitely.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 09:49 AM
reply to post by Lexx790

We had crap available when I was at school as well ,but my mother made sure we had appropriate nutrition,whether we liked it or not.

Well some of them or us had the geat idea of tossing mum's lunch in the bin and getting something to snack from the money we brought.

it's all up to the child.

mum can make all the good food she likes if the kid decides not to eat it, then what?

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 10:27 AM
Congress says pizza is a vegetable, what do you expect?

Authority figures generally set the standard for what people go along with because most humans are submissive and do what they are told or believe what they are told. This is a social trait of ours, there really isn't getting around it.

My Mom still can't comprehend the un-healthiness of processed food. I try to explain it to her and she still doesn't get it. She thinks calories and fat content are all that matters. Not every parent is intelligent or cares to read about the ingredients in processed food therefore has no clue whats going on.

I ate Spaghettios for most of my childhood until I got on the internet and educated myself about the horrors that were inside that can.

Anyway, when I went to public school in the inner-city every kid got a free lunch up until high school, then you could only get reduced lunches if your parents were low income. They forced that free lunch on you, there was no turning it HAD to get one (in elementary school) .

I always found the hot part of it repulsive so I never ate it. The most I'd eat was the fruit cup and drink the milk. But the lunch ladies would always try to pressure me into eating it. I always had a rebellious attitude so I could care less what they said, but many more suggestible kids would force feed.

Then there would be the kids that would be more than happy to take your food if you didn't want it because their parents were too poor to feed them at home.

Reality is a lot more complicated than saying "WHERE'S THE PARENTS IN ALL THIS?" when public schools are a reality and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

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