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Predictive Dreams the Last Two Nights - Any Insight???

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posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 12:28 PM
For the past two mornings I have woken up to similarities in my dreams that have been too spot-on to be coincidence.

Let me give me you some background - I used to meditate almost everyday and I did this for about 2 years. (I never had any predictive dreams). I stopped meditating for about the past year and half and decided to pick it up two days ago. The big difference between the meditation the past 2 days and the meditation in the past has been that time and place. I used to sit on the floor in the evenings for about 20-30 mins and meditate. The past 2 days I have basically meditated myself to sleep. I lay in bed and just follow my breathing until I fall asleep. The coincidences haven't been anything of great importance but they have been so spot-on about something random that it is very hard to ignore. Now let me also say this - the past 2 nights I have remembered my dreams very well and had 2 dreams last night. Only the dream from two nights ago and 1 dream from last night has had a coincidence. (which I'm glad because the other one was about a plane crashing over the ocean, but everyone was OK) So here the dreams with the coincidences:

Dream 1
Background - I am a big fan of Texas A&M football (college football in College Station,TX) and I live in College Station. I also have a friend wade who went to Texas A&M and was a big football fan. Von Miller was one of their best players and now plays for the Denver Broncos.
Dream - I had a dream that I was hanging out with Von Miller. We were at a football game, tailgating and taking pictures for the press. (Pretty cool dream).
Coincidence - when I woke up the next morning, I went to turn my alarm off on my phone and noticed I had a text message. It was from my buddy Wade who had sent me the text after I had fallen asleep. He wrote "Von's at the Tap (a local bar). Go get a pic". I have never had a dream about Von Miller before and I don't recall any text Wade had ever sent me specifically about him. Also the fact that we were taking pictures in the dream and his text said "go get a pic" I thought "wow" that's a pretty crazy coincidence but just kind of blew it off.

Dream 2
Background - I recently created a Ron Paul song and video on YouTube. I posted it on here as well. It has done very well, so one of the first things I do when I wake up is check YouTube.
Dream - I had a dream that I was doing another Ron Paul song/video but it was somewhere in the middle east. I had an Arabian person singing the chorus.
Coincidence - This morning when I woke up, I checked YouTube and looked at the comments. The first thing I saw (and the only comment of the night) was:

MADE IN INDIA hiphop song for RON PAUL /watch?v=L9BtXMy-En0&list=PLA4­­­­­­C5356ECE58C4B9&index=1&fe­­­­a­t­u­r­e­=plcp Working hard for Paul, my pleasure, post this wherever you like, pass it on to hiphop lovers for sure Thx for comment like/dislike
(The comment has since been flagged as spam but you can still see it if you select view all comments)

Now I can't say for sure I was in India in my dreams but come on this is pretty crazy.

Am I looking too far into this or is this something legit? I have two dreams about something very unique and random and wake up to messages that correlate directly with my dreams. And this has all happened since I started meditating again and meditating as I go to sleep.

Has anyone had a similar experience with back to back dreams predicting something? Anyone have any insight?

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posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 12:36 PM
Yeah, that sounds about right for predictive dreams. They are rarely exact, but rather archetypal interpretations of events.

I'm positive these types of dreams are increasing in frequency. Never seen so many threads about precognitive dreams, as I said in this thread:
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posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 12:47 PM
Good ol Bryan/college station. Ran them streets till I was 19, lol
anywho, sounds predictive to me. Mine are always about my life, but bad stuff. Blah!

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 01:28 PM
Sounds like maybe your Pineal glad is opening up, then you're asleep and sort of having the deja vu type thing happening.
I don't even get it myself, but it happens to me from time to time, and it just makes you go "what tha..."

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 11:28 PM
Nice keep meditating. I try to, and I really can notice when I do. I just feel better, also I've noticed I can remember dreams easier too. I think its related, meditating to me is kinda like stretching or working out the brain. When you do, you work parts of the brain not usually worked. I've noticed unexplainable things and more vivid dreams.
It's good to work those parts of your brain

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 11:49 PM
My wife had a dream that she walked over to our son's playpen to pick him up & he hissed at her (like a cat hiss), she woke up startled and checked on him and he woke up and hissed at her. (she was sleeping on the couch and he was napping in there).

It was so amazing to her at the time (years ago now) but now when we are typing this it sounds a bit crazy...weird?
Either way, more on topic of the original post, we believe that it is possible to remote travel or out of body who knows for sure but very interesting topic.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 10:49 PM
Very Wierd indeed. I am gonna post a thread similar to you experience but in my dream I had a sudden realization of me having déjà vu, then a week pasts and I have that deja vu. I will not get into it that much, I do not want to spoil my story on a reply

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