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A Father and his Boy... Finish the Story...

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posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 07:56 AM
Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a Father. This father was himself a boy at one stage and at that time the world around him was in such a way that it created a lot of fear and distrust in him. As a result this father became paranoid but he also knew he had to take responsibility for his child. So he set about protecting his child in the best way he knew...

Many years had passed and his child was growing bigger and bigger. The child looked on the father and was saddened to see the tolls the generations before him had taken on his father. He knew deep down that his father had turned cold and cynical and that his fear had driven him to becoming controlling and possessive, power hungry and greedy.

His father wanted to protect his child but by doing it the way he thought best he was in fact hurting his child. He was too blinded to see what he was doing, wrapped up in his own desires.

His father had risen to the most prestigious position of power in his lands and had been bestowed the title of World Governor. He oversaw all that went on in this world and his wish was his peoples command....

Now because the child's father had a certain view of the world he lived in, this permeated and manifested itself through his world view, thus resulting in a world of strict laws and security measures which had taken control of most, if not all facets of life and the very people that lived that life.

Now his child was protected..

What the father hadn't realized.. is that his own child was going through the very same changes he had once gone through himself..

His child was now growing up into a young adult and had been directly effected by his fathers chaotic world.
He reflected and considered all the things he had experienced.. all the despair, and pain, the war and suffering, the poverty of the world around him..he saw all the corruption and indifference his fathers rule brought forward and came to a realization that it was time to stop what his father was doing.

Although the child knew what his father was doing he dared not challenge his father's rule for it would be met with harsh punishment. His father could not let it be seen that his child was in total defiance of his rule and so started coming down hard on his child.

He warned his child that if any attempt was made to overpower him that he would have no choice but to follow the law of the land and take the life of his own child.

So it was now down to the young adult to work out how he could rid the world of his fathers darkness without challenging his father in the process.

So he began to rally the people of his fathers world and show them exactly what his father had done and all he was responsible for..

The people began to awaken to the lies and illusions of their World Governors rule and began to get heated.
The people, under the rule of his son had started coming together to discuss everything that was happening in their land and eventually amassed in enough numbers that soon there would be large pockets of resistance all over the land.

Finish the story...

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 08:28 AM
one tin soldier rides away!

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 09:07 AM
This made his father ever more fearful - Loss of power and influence - Ever more paranoid the father drew his forces together to quell the resistence to his tyrannical rule. The boy went to his father for despite the terrible things that plauged his fathers mind and manifested before him, despite these things, the boy loved his father.
Father he spoke, fear not I am your son whom you love let us sit down and discuss how we can make this world you rule a safer and happier place. The people only fear you because you fear them yet you are their father too they are your sons and daughters - See what love can bring and I will stand beside you as will all your sons and daughters. There are hard times ahead - there is so much sadness and our Earth is in chaos - Be my hero father and lift your sights to a bright new future and you shall be loved and your name cherished through out eternity.
The father was silent - choices - choices.

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