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US Congress-funded Agency Interfering in Russian Presidential Election

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posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 08:15 PM
US Congress-funded Agency Interfering in Russian Presidential Election - Includes video

"...Author and researcher F. William Engdahl says the West is funding the Russian opposition to minimise the country's influence on the world stage during a critical time.

Washington is "financing activists in several different cities in Russia, people like famous blogger Aleksey Navalny.” Engdahl believes that by backing the opposition, Washington is trying to establish control over Moscow. “They are using the same template they used in Ukraine's Orange Revolution, and in Georgia to bring Saakashvilli to power as a pro-NATO president in that country,” he explained."

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posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 09:12 PM
Lets not forget what actually started the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in the first place-it was Russias meddling of the first elections which was shown to be corrupt.
Yushenko won the second election on the back of the Orange party being aware of what happened.
Putin and Co have also not been exactly on the level with Lukashenko in Belarus ....There have also been reports of Red Square meddling in other FSU states including Latvia and Lithuania.
There is nothing really complicated to those following events of the last few years.
Putin has made no secret of his sadness following the break up of the old SU,and has been committed to fending off threats of encirclement by massive increases in the defence budget which has come from their oil and gas revenues.
The people are revolting because they are aware of these massive revenues yet have seen little improvement in their own living standards.
Social media has allowed the young people to get a true picture.
I dont believe that the US had any hidden agenda to rid Russia of Putin in the past,but the events we see now which include the Iran situation (lets not forget it was Moscow who gave them the nuclear facilities) coupled with the situation in Syria has changed things dramatically.
Russia was reputed to have had billions of dollars in trade and business with Libya before the ousting of Gadaffi
That was lost,as were the contracts with Iran for the delivery of the s300s.
Syria is very different,they have a naval presence there,and have armed them to the teeth.
It is frightening to imagine what will unfold in the coming months.
There is no sign of Putin being ready to go,and we still have a month before their elections.
More worrying is the stand off between the West and Iran,and Israel.
Israel knows that the fuse is burning and once Iran gets its nukes safely under ground,it will be harder to go for them.
The defences planned to intercept any attack is 2 years away.
With relations at a low ebb between Washington and Israel,and them saying they will act alone if they see the need,is worrying......I think if put into perspective,much more worrying than the US giving money to oust Putin.
50,000 of them have already said they do not need $ s from Washington to do that.

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