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Truth About Afghan War Failure Could be More False Flag

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posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 03:51 PM
You're all familiar with Davis, the 'new' and highly acclaimed Army 'whistleblower", and his report that Afghanistan was a losing war refuting Gen'l Patraeus' report that all was hunky-dory. Aside from Patraeus being CFR, there's a dark side here that needs an explanation (from whom is anybody's guess):


"...Of course, it could be exactly what it seems to be: the turning point in a failed war after more than a decade. And Davis could be just as courageous as he seems to be. On the other hand, this is GANNETT that we are talking about, the publisher of USA Today. We're not talking about the alternative media here. We're not talking Prison Planet. We're not even talking the Village Voice. Here's something about the publisher from Wikipedia:

Gannett Government Media, formerly the Army Times Publishing Company, is a United States company which publishes newspapers, magazines, Web sites, and other publications about the U.S. and other militaries. Founded in 1940, it was purchased by the Gannett Company in August 1997. It publishes four weekly newspapers aimed at current and former U.S. military personnel, collectively called the Military Times Media Group: Army Times (founded 1940), Navy Times (founded 1951), Air Force Times (founded 1947), and Marine Corps Times."
[end snippet]

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posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 04:39 PM

im seeing, the words false flag flown about, more than lindsey lohan at drug fuelled sex party. I am fully expecting someone to come forward in a few weeks, and say elvis and eminem were false flags, to make black people hate white people, because they destroyed tradition. Thus proving once again whitey does it better, Or that the american government have tainted millions of packets of lucky charms, because they bringing out there own brand to combat the recesion.

Or hitlers death was a false flag, so He could actually escape to take over the warlock, ninja tiger adonis blood familys of analsend, in where he decided to teach a mister sheen about. How to take over the world through dogs and cats. Thus sheen funded the film "Cars" in preperation for the film cats and dogs. But first the asians were planning a film Called Kat UN DOG, at which point scared for his life mr sheen, contacted heil Hitler, and hitler gave his life for mr sheen, by turning himself into a giant atom bomb and it split in the air, because of some cheese it hit, these was nagasaki and hiroshima.
This is now claimed as a american attack because of a false flag about a false flag which went wrong about a false flag, then insert a false flag, you end up with two flags, a mexican and a bar stool.

In other words stop claiming false flags



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