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damn the man music

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posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 01:10 PM
because sometimes you need a break from the bs and just need to cruise with the window down radio up and punch the s@#t out of your dash board! at least i do. couple metal songs by band called dope. enjoy!
dope bastard.

pig society dope-wait for chorus on this one

revoloution dope

thanks for taking a look i know there a couple other threads on here about music related to ATS, so mods if you want to remove feel free. if anyone has any other good METAL songs to break stuff to let me know

i love music especially metal, there comes points where you feel alone almost and just cant comprehend the world around you or how people get away with the stupid bs they pull, having something to scream to helps me. hope it helps you. feel free to also share any points in life where music has gotten you thru. peace!


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