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I need to start educating my family on the nwo fema camps police state conspiracy

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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 04:08 AM
So like most people in the world they dont know the conspiracy the new world order police state etc what would be the best way to go about starting educate them she was asking me what are fema camps the other day and was really interested on what i was telling her about the lax camp I dont want to bring her into the alex jones stuff yet i think that might be to extreame for her and my family as this is approaching what would you guys do in my situation? i would really appreciate your feed back and if im in the wrong place for this im sorry if needed just move it some were else i do appreciate it your feed back on this situation what we have going on here thank you ats you rock!

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 04:12 AM
Translation: I want my family to think I'm crazy.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 04:16 AM
reply to post by ajniss

Tell them exactly what a FEMA camp is.

When there is a natural disaster and a lot of people are displaced, temporary accommodation is set up for them by FEMA.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 04:20 AM
You tell them "Goodbye" and check yourself into the nearest sanatorium.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 04:40 AM
If they haven't already seen it, or if they haven't for a while, give them The Matrix to start with. Another good film to initially soften them up for what will come later, would probably be Dark City.

V for Vendetta is useful, and would make a good third fictional film, on this topic. Some of the online memes that have come from it are annoying, but a few scenes (such as Evey's death camp sequence) are very much worth seeing, especially for the emotional impact.

Thrive is the first documentary you should show them. It's the most mainstream friendly film created on the subject yet. Google for it.

If they aren't Christian, you can try them on the first Zeitgeist movie, and then the second (Addendum) and the third. (Moving Forward) John Perkins' interview in Addendum is particularly useful for dispelling false beliefs in American imperial benevolence. You should be able to find all three on YouTube, but if not, Google for them.

If they want more info on 9/11, but only if, give them Loose Change.

Assuming they make it that far without having fits, they might be ready for the heavy artillery. Give them Ben Stewart's Esoteric Agenda. It's probably about the most brutal treatment of the subject in existence. Ben doesn't mince words, and gets straight to the heart of the matter.

If they can stomach that, give them Stewart's other two films, which are substantially gentler than the first; Kymatica, and Ungrip. Ungrip is particularly useful; it's a case study from the sovereignty movement.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 04:41 AM

Originally posted by boncho
Translation: I want my family to think I'm crazy.

The conservative trolls really are becoming tedious.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 04:44 AM

Originally posted by Chadwickus
reply to post by ajniss

Tell them exactly what a FEMA camp is.

When there is a natural disaster and a lot of people are displaced, temporary accommodation is set up for them by FEMA.

Unfortunately you can't go straight to that point, with people who are still completely mainstream. They will simply reject it as a product of mental illness, as we've seen with the trolls in this thread. You need to start them off more gently.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 04:58 AM
reply to post by ajniss

Two words: Flip charts.

You can never go wrong with flip charts. After the initial brief you can move on to a nice Power Point presentation.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 05:07 AM
reply to post by boncho

Mmmmmhm, that's what it sounds like to me!
I'm just wondering if she has shown interest in something out of the blue, how far behind are the divorce papers and custody / support orders.

There is no way to instruct someone on YOUR beliefs.
If interested advise them a Google search will turn up all the paranoia they could ever look for.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 05:23 AM
i have pretty much the same problem, my mum and dad were kids of the baby boom in the late forties early fifties and their acceptance of everything the government says is scary, i tried showing them loose change but they didn't respond well (my dad called it "bollocks" within 5 mins), i showed them zeitgeist and they turned it off after 20 mins. they won't even give it a chance. my brother even made a film about 9/11 and my dad would just get angry, really angry that my brother was making the film and he and my mum will not watch it (thankfully over 4000 have watched it youtube though now), i have now given up after 3 years of telling my mum and dad about the creation of money, 9/11, false flags and blood for oil (they still think we went to iraq for wmd's and afganistan to get bin laden). trying to tell them is pointless, i guess certain people from certain generations have just been indoctrinated to the point where they have become "self appointed defenders of the status quo". It's funny really my bro made his film to help skeptics awaken but i think my parents wont watch it because he's their son and they just can't accept that the official story is full of holes. in their eyes the government dosen't lie.

here is a link to the ATS page on my brothers film "Human the film 2012"

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 06:31 AM
reply to post by ajniss

before we get carried away - what do YOU think a " fema camp " is

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 01:22 AM
only reason i didnt reply much was the trolling on here ill just have them kept in the dark about that type of stuff but she was interested ill just tell her brief stuff if she doesnt think im crazy then i will go more into it

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 01:25 AM
thank you for your advice that the people taht did help out and the trolling was ludacris grow up people really

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 01:40 AM
ajniss don't go out and start educating them about such stuff. Do you want them to think your off your rocker? Or, even worse, do you want other people to think that your loved ones in your family are ready for the luny bin, and talk about your family behind their backs? If you love them, then steer them away from such stuff, and enjoy life. Have a happy family, and let others worry about BS if they want to. In my opinion, you only have to look at all of the Benjamin Fulford videos to see what a lunatic looks like; don't let anyone in your family look like that.
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posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 03:41 AM

The World Police is the new modern Nazi-Police, joined together with the soldiers of all ranks!
Since the economy will be completely collapsed, there will be “No, New World Order,” but rather another deceptive plan of lies that are brought about to the general public from there world leaders and governments!
(The Plot of Human Deception and Delusions, to accept a false world!)

People will be arrested and placed inside of camps, where there fate awaits them!
Houses will be ransacked and broken into, woman raped and the young in old will be cut-off by the sword, without mercy nor compassion. The rest of the survivors will be taken away into death-camps or “FEMA processing centers,” where they will be tried and questioned!
“Anyone who tries to flee, will be like a fugitive and many will go into hiding, because of the great fear!”

(This will happen to everyone, regardless of what stature or nobility!)
(I am Deeply Sorry for the Bad News, “Please Forgive Me,” but I must do what I have to do!)
(Warn the People and to Prophecy of this Truth!)

They, the world leaders will make themselves look like saviors to the world by offering the people again, “the privilege to buy and sell to an economy that no longer exists!” (Lies!)
The governments then shall force the people to accept a new world currency, since money at that time shall be completely worthless and “RFID Chipping will be demanded for the people” and those who do not accept it, they will be simply “put to death!”

There will also be a “One World Satanic Religion,” for the people who join it, will be forced of worshiping an image or idols of the beasts, Satan and demons, of the governments!
Either of these two sins that are commit, by the people and of the acceptance to be micro-chipped, or bowing down to any image or idol that the governments produce, it will equal to the same as selling your souls or making a pact with the demonic beast/Satan, the Evil Serpent!

(The beast is the New, One World Government!)

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posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 04:01 AM

Fema camps, along with the Homeland Security Forces, are and where created to detain civilians, by force!
Wither the governments know it or not, the reasons and truth behind the “prison-death-camps,” have also been prophesied years ago, along with the infamous microchip implant of the beast!
And people already worship the devil secretly, and this act is not so secret amongst some of the people. “All of this is being done to fulfill the scriptures, of what is written in the bible!”

The main priority and reasons for the camps, are simply to frighten and terrify the people, by trying to convince them into accepting the false world and one of the main, primary reasons and purposes for this cruel act, is to separate the people.
This great division is to separate the believer from the infidel or unbelievers from the truth of Christianity, and for the sinners in finding redemption and for making amends to all his or her sins, by simply becoming martyred, by the act of self sacrifice. By the cruel act of a righteous beheading by the guillotine and therefore self preservation and forgiveness of all sins, and therefore, to live forever in the presents and in the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ forever!

Thus the worst and most brutal of these acts while being imprisoned, will be the act and of the actual witnessing of the beheading by the guillotine, of loved ones and of the people/saints!
Time and again the officials, officers and staff, will try and implore or convince the common people to accept the world as it is and that they shall live. But this is only a deception and a trap from them, and all who join the new chaotic world shall suffer because of the destruction and desolation upon the land, of what is written here and in the book of truth!

It shall come to pass that the people who accepted to live in the new chaotic world, would wish to seek death and shall not find it, because of the harsh reality of what has become of the world!
Before this happens and it shall continue-on even after everything comes to pass, is that their will be on both, ground and in thee air, in civilian and residential areas the movements of military troops and government agencies preparing for self invasion, Martial Law and civilian detainment!

What I am trying to say, is that, upon hearing this truth, people will begin to emotionally prepare themselves, even doe it shall hurt them upon listening to it, but they will begin to prepare themselves, both physically and spiritually, because it is very essential to their own lives perseverance and survival, so they can overcome the world to live eternally!
For “Fear” shall be the main tool and the power of deception from the governing bodies to ensnare and trap as many people, to fall victim in their plan and ideas of a false new world.

Now please, about the time and dates of these events, this is actually happening now, as the governments and world leaders are secretly preparing themselves for the worst!
But about the actual dates of when the asteroid is suppose to fall unto the earth, “I do not know!” “What I do know,” is that this is to occur very soon on earth. Because if this destruction does not happen on earth, it will be very hard for the governments to force their plans on the people!

I could only give you the approximate estimate of when the year started of the seven year period of tribulation and of the covenant of peace that will be broken-up and destroyed by the world leaders and governments of the world to their people and civilians!
The beginning of the seven year trial started at the beginning of the year 2011, therefore the times and dates of, “Eradicating Peace” and civil rights, from the people is between the years, 2014-2015!
(If you can see these dates and times, the people do not have much time left!)

Therefore the stubborn ambitions of the world leaders and governments of bringing about their new world order is not a good idea or intention on the human population and or race, ever!
If the eradication of peace is approximate, somewhere between these dates given, then this means that the fall of the celestial object shall occur before the beginning of the government proposed plan of their secret eradication!
(Somewhere at the ending or between those dates!)

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 04:38 AM
reply to post by josephamccoy

Power, and control, over the nations is the USA's top priority and sovereignty, all over the world. And they shall succeed, but only for awhile, because all the nations and countries in this world hate this country and nation because of this!
All major countries in power have there nuclear devices aimed at this one, and they shall succeed in destroying it forever within an hour!
Even doe the American governments have been trying hard, in secretly building bunkers and underground structures for the preservation of their people in the land, it will be unfit for them to live-off, because of the desolation and destruction and of the wild beasts and of the plague of radiation, from the nuclear blasts from her surrounding neighboring nations of the world!
For this is the reason and primary concern of the United States governments and why therefore, they are so strict on regulating, controlling, disarming and of the building and stockpiling of “Nuclear Weapons from her Neighboring Nations!”
Simply for the US to preserve this nation from her neighboring nations of the world, because of the fear and of this threat of retaliation, from destruction upon her own homeland, that they are careful to follow these procedures, but to no avail, because this, is destined for her!

(For it is written in the "Holy Bible" and of this testimony here!)
(The USA's major error is also to divide it's army and spreading it throughout the world, thus making it very weak and fragile!)
If you ever pondered and thought unto yourselves and think, why are the american governments sending soldiers over to the middle east, or why do they have embassy’s setup all over the world?
It is not to fight a war on terror, but simply to train the soldiers moral and of world control.
(See, False Flag Operations!)

The truth is that the soldiers in the middle east are actually training in that country as a life size, real time, training ground, and the real terrorist are the actual governments and they are trying to eliminate supposedly the terrorist that never existed, accept from their own imagination!
Therefore the real terrorists are the actual governments themselves, so they have fooled the world in thinking that they will fight the enemy, while all the time conditioning the minds of both the soldiers and of the people and then eventually, bringing back the soldiers from training to invade their own country!

All the wars since the foundation of this country till this day in the US, where all systematically programmed and thought-up, till this day and they are not the actual truth, as written or described in the history books!
So I am warning you to be ready and do not put your full trust in your governments and world leaders, because they don't really care about you and they will do this, regardless of your persons, stature or status on the world today!

All of this written here is truth and whither some of you choose to believe it or not, this is the reality of the true and accurate, interpretations of this matter of the world today, that we are living in now, at this current moment and also in a very near and distant future, that are written here in these prophecies and also in the Holy Bible!

The truth of all truth, is that, yes, the Eternal God does exist and He is coming back with justice and vengeance for His elect saints who where slain. Fierce wrath and judgment is reserved for the nations and people of the world, who where godless, wicked and evil, before His sight!

The earth that the children of men are born unto, is a privilege and the greatest test amongst all tests, to see and to separate the ones who are worthy to live forever in the new earth and in paradise. The ones who are not worthy of this gift, shall forever shamefully be tortured in the second death! This is the death of the spirit by flaming fire, only to be tortured forever in pain!

The truth of it all, is this: The earth, your physical bodies and everything that is made of matter and yes, even the heavens and all that's in them are all created by God, and it is all “artificial!” You are all participants of an artificial world, whither you knew it, or not, this is the truth of it all!
Almost all of the sons of men, from before till this day, believe this world to be real, but it's not real, like most people believe it to be, but the earth is really an, "Artificial Device!"

The earth also works as a spiritual device or mechanism, to imprison the souls of the children of men till this day, who are awaiting the day, of the “Great Judgment!”
There is a great division in the earthly spiritual realms and portals, inside this earth. When people die, their souls assemble therein.

“But to those who are slain because of their belief in Christ and for their renunciation of the world, they will surpass judgment.” Because of their judgment here on earth, that they shall automatically be born again in the spirit of Christ, and they shall be the first to resurrect amongst the dead in the world. Everyone else shall have to wait for their judgment, until everything that is written here and in the holy bible comes to pass and it's consummation!
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posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by estimatedprophet

that certainly was quite the post and i must say i agree with you on most things but i'll never get my parents to read it and even if they did they would just dismiss it. peace

posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by boncho

translation: I want my family to know I love them enough to inform them on this disturbing information. and we need to get our # together.


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