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Useful Idiots for Palestine

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posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 02:11 AM

I'm not sure what else I can add. He seemed to do a nice job pointing out what I already fully know, but unfortunately, the vast majority of the internet knows nothing about, or is incapable of accepting because of a strong and persuasive bias.

When will this trend become to people more than a mere phenomena of history. When will people understand Jew hatred for what it is?

And what is it? A war against the Jewish people, waged by the Gnostic, Hellenistic Elite. And to quickly clarify here, those powerful Jews which of course non-jews use as evidence for a Jewish or Zionist conspiracy, such as the, rothschilds, Schiffs, Warburgs etc, are just as gnostic/hellenistic in spirit, as their 'gentile' brethren'. Ethnicity/religion here makes no difference. The real battle between Jews and Gentiles is philosophical-theological, and so beyond any outward religion. To briefly quote the philosopher Rene Guenon:

These readaptations [of religion] are no more than changes of form, which do not touch the essence of the tradition: with a metaphysical doctrine, only the expression can be modified, in a manner more or less comparable to a translation from one language into another; whatever be the forms it assumes for the sake of expressing itself – insofar as expression is possible – metaphysics remains one, just as truth itself is one. – Rene Guenon,

Thus, Christianity merely 'reclothed' a metaphysical doctrine which existed in Greece and Rome and Ancient Egypt, and almost every else in the ancient pagan world, minus of course, the Jews/Hebrews.

Back to what I was saying: That is the simple, undiluted FACT of what is going on. Why the Jewish temple's were razed to the ground by the babylonians/romans, why they were brutally persecuted in Christian and Muslim lands, Catholic crusades, inquisitions, and cossak and other massacres and pogroms in Russian lands, and then of course the more dire and tragic event of them all, the Nazi holocaust, which, surprise surprise, has been quickly questioned as even ever happening. What is that classic phrase of the author George Orwell, which has typified political thinking since time immemorial? The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.

EVERY generation is fed a brand new reasoning for why it is important to oppose the Jews; and each one found that reasoning sufficient to its most unrefined moral palate. But now, we have clearly graduated to a much more 'evolved' and sophisticated form of Jew hatred, where the hatred of the Jew has been elevated to a nationalistic level; each culture, or nation, taking his universal place as an accuser against the sole Jewish nation - Israel. Just as in times of old, so too today, the Jew is held to a blatant double standard that doesn't appear so, because public opinion makes it just too difficult for someone inside it, and under its influence (or possession, would be a more accurate term) to withstand to deviate.

And I know the vast lot of you will come in here to say your usual 'israel is evil' etc, bu you guys are wrong. Plain, and simply, wrong.

I could express this in purely logical terms, for instance. The Arabs of the Arab peninsula conquered lands which belonged to other cultures (Burbs, Kurds etc) which today are almost fully Arabized. So, they are called 'Arab states'. But what about the minorities which still exist amongst them, are they given a nation of their own, to fulfill an ACTUAL need i.e their unique language, culture or religion?

If you compare the land from Mauritania to UAE, in other words, the lands of the Arab league, you get a total area of 13,333,296 km2, and the population of these lands are 339,510,535

Now, since so many of you are sold, completely, on ashkenazi Jews = khazars theory, fine, lets put them aside and acknowledge the Sephardic/Mizrachi Jews alone, who are from this same region. They total roughly 4 million - I'm only counting those who live in Israel.

Now, if you liberals are "all about fairness", lets do some math.

4 million into 339.5 million is 1 sephardic Jew per 85 Arabs.

This means, that the Jews would deserve, in 'all' fairness, since we want to be fair here, correct, and give justice to ALL the different national groups of the middle east, and not just one group (arabs) that forces all smaller groups to submit to its collective power, sort of like what you people would accuse America of doing or what the Soviet Union actually did, then the Sephardic Jews would deserve a land area in proportion to their representation amongst middle eastern peoples, which is 1 Jew per 85 Arabs, of 164,608 square miles.

Israel is a mere 20,770, or 8 times smaller then what they would actually deserve.

And still we hear so loudly the cries of injustice against the Jews, for a people that didn't even exist prior to 1948, as admitted by many Arab strategists.

How insanely irrational you people are.

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 02:32 AM
1) Only idiots say there was no holocaust at all.
2) Most critics I read are not against the Jews or the Israelites, but against the politics and bloodshed.
3) Yes, reading that mixture of lamenting and accusations and excusing to make other people's life a hell, because you lived to see so much dread since the Babylonian times makes me sick.

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 02:32 AM
reply to post by dontreally

thank you for the thread...he speaks the truth...the pro Palestine love fest going on is frightening.

As a wide awake recovering catholic I see the hatred for what it is, to bad the current US administration is pro Muslim brotherhood and pro Palestine....if anything starts wwwIII, this will be it.

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 04:06 AM
Both the jews and the muslims are to blame for this crap. From my point of view there is no good side in this. Either plague or kolera. Continue to play wit the ego, hate, manipulation and powerpyramids. You are all caught up in the system and you are all wrong. But if you don't get it in this life the better luck next life.

Stupid, ignorant smallminded souls. Can't belive I was part the stupidos a year ago.

Sorry about above but I am in a very pissed of/disconnected mood today so I am judgeing you where I should not because I do not know you. This stupid unevolved planet that is a dot in the whole universe that thinks it is something special is just getting to me. 2500 years since buddha and 2000 years since Jesus and humanity is still playing around with duality and ego. Humanity is creating it's own hell and is derserving whatever happens. Namaste

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 04:14 AM
reply to post by dontreally

Wow he basically summed up my unspoken feelings of the whole Israel situation in. Blind leading the blind. Awesome post man.

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 02:31 PM
I love your threads dude

Your ability to blend nonsense/ fanaticism and blatant racism into what you believe is rational thought never ceases to amaze.

A couple points on your thread

1) only idiots deny the holocaust but only idiots dont realise/acknowledge it wasnt just jews who were targeted, Gypsys/gays/communists/intellectuals as well as anyone with any physical or mental handicaps were also killed in large numbers.
No one will deny the Jews got a bum deal but using that as an excuse to give a bum deal to the Palestinians is unforgivable. Its really no different than what happened in the US or Australia to the natives.

2) most people who are anti Israel know enough to distinguish the difference between Jews and Israel, I hate America and think its foreign policy is atrocious yet no one calls me racist against Americans.
Its not Jews we hate its Israel, the quicker its wiped off the map the better the world will be.

3) I wont argue that racism does exist but I dont think anyone has an exclusive hatred for Jews, I would argue anyone who hates Jews also hates blacks/asians/hispanics, basically anyone who isnt whatever they are.
These people may be more vocal about Jews as lets face it, they control the media, the banks and by extension most industry and there is so much wrong with all of it.

Religious Jews are no better than religious Muslims, both teach exclusionism, elitism and intolerence

wake up dude

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