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(OpSec): Protecting Your Survival Preparations..The Twighlight Zone Teaches us a Lesson!

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posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 04:56 PM
With all of the recent talk about NatGeo's new show, if you're serious about prepping, pay attention. Be the Gray Man. The whole world does not need to know about your stash. Share some tips and advice but no need for specifics.

Are you advertising to others that you are the “GTG” (go-to-guy or gal) to flock to during an emergency or SHTF event? This brief article provides an overview on the topic of operational security of your survival planning and preparations before whatever SHTF or TEOWAWKI event you are prepping for occurs. If you don’t take precautions ahead of time to protect and safeguard your actions, all your efforts could be vain.
What’s OPSEC?

Operational Security, known as OPSEC, is the process of protecting your planning and actions; safeguarding information on you, your family, or survival group; and preventing potential adversaries from discovering or learning about our preparations. It is used to preserve our plans, safeguard in progress efforts, and protect what has been accomplished. Your overall success will depend upon secrecy so that others cannot target you during a crisis event. The human animal is the most dangerous animal to confront, since he/she is a thinking predator capable of adapting.

The less information that is known about you and your efforts by others in a crisis, the safer you and yours will be, and the harder for others to target you. A good motto from World War II is “Loose lips sink ships.” This well known slogan is a reference to helping safeguard information on the sailing of troop and supply convoys in the Atlantic and Pacific ocean

The Twighlight Zone

This short 25 minute story depicts the problem of friends and neighbors knowing about your survival preparations for a disaster. In the episode, a suburban dinner party is interrupted by a government bulletin warning of an impending nuclear attack on the country. As the neighbors scramble in panic to prepare themselves, many turn against the one family that had the foresight to install a permanent bomb shelter in their basement with supplies. Since the neighborhood knows about the shelter, the situation quickly deteriorates into a “dog-eat-dog” situation.

This is quite Fascinating!! for an old Sci Fi Show.

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posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 06:19 PM
Tell me about any episode of The Twilight Zone that's not fascinating. God, I love that show. Maybe an old show, but in my book, beats the heck out of a lot of stuff on tv today and a lot of the episodes content back then still pertain to things going on today, in some form or another. Brilliant show.

This is the 21st Century and we don't have any shows on tv that even come close to comparing to Twilight Zone and that's a shame. We're going backwards in the tv department when we should be evolving from shows like this. I don't think I've ever seen a bad or boring episode.

So many moral lessons can be learned from this show, not propaganda material like most shows are made up of today. Actual lessons of morality, you just don't get that with today's programming. Just think, if Rod Serling could have predicted the future about the way tv is going now, he would have most certainly made an episode about today's programming, and we'd be living a Twilight Zone episode, lol.

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 06:26 PM
See the neighbors knew he had a bunker and food, but see...skills is a whole nother story. If you have the skill set, you can go to any house, in almost any area...and find things you need...unless you have to be in a bunker...but honestly, if it came to that...would the world be worth living in...once the smoke settles? You might have to suffer from radiation poisoning and die slowly...over a month or a year.

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 06:47 PM
"Poor Planning on Your Part Does Not Constitute an Emergency on My Part!"

I'm not too worried about it , I try to teach as many friends and family members as I can self about preparedness. Anyone that should be there will be there, anyone that shouldn't will be dealt with accordingly.

I think survivalists in general worry too much about OPSEC, yet don't really understand what it is. I mean right now simply speaking about OPSEC , you're violating COMSEC... and that COMSEC violation is on an open forum , a forum that has info about you on its servers.

Do you watch your indicators? Where you buy your ammo? If you're buying bulk online , they have your address and info. If you're buying from your local gun shop , they know who you are... where does it end?

Are you buying food in bulk?.... what kind of gear are you buying?... What are you driving?

All of these can be used to build a profile.

Have you run a risk assesment? Do you know what your threats are? Do you know your vulnerabilities?

Probably not...

Do you have countermeasures deployed? What sort of HUMINT & SIGINT are you using?

Do you know why you have none of these things?.... BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT RUNNING AN OPERATION!!!!

There's no OpFor!!! lol

You're a regular guy , like everyone else...

My Background is Military Intelligence , nothing High Speed Low Drag... just Basic Intel... and your average person that thinks they know about OPSEC leaves a signature so big its laughable. Wives talk, kids talk , your ups driver or mail man sees what you're getting delivered , neighbors etc...

Look man, don't be paranoid , have a plan, live your life and relax. That's the purpose of planning, so you don't have to stress out about "What ifs" . You are 1 person , you don't have the resources that an organazation has at your disposal , you can't plan or have a contingency for every possible scenario. It's not realistic. Your plan should be reality based , drill it a few times to tighten it up and that's it.

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posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 07:36 PM
I think people in America need to be more realistic.

Lets suppose total anarchy ensues. So 4 percent of the population are psychopathic. They will just as soon kill you as look at you. Then you have those who are followers of the psychopathic leaders. Thats how you get gangs.

Then you have those who act out of desperation. Like in that Twilight Episode. Panic, and fear. Maybe trying to protect their loved ones at the expense of others, such that they might become thieves, when ordinarily they wouldn't.

So who then is the enemy? Well in anarchy, you have gangs. So then you see it is safer to get together with other people, safety in numbers, as opposed to just trying to make it on your own.

In a war zone type of environment.

Now if, things were really bad, lets say, super contagious disease, well then you are much safer alone.

If things were so bad that most people died, then again, you are better off in a group, since that will enhance your chances of survival, providing its not contagious disease.

I would say in most probable cases, since the greatest threat is psychopathic killers on the loose, unless the disaster is contagious disease, you should stay in a group, or form a group, for safety in numbers or else you will be burned out, and murdered. At some point.

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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 01:56 AM
wouldn't posting an entire episode of twilight zone be a violation of copyright laws?

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