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U.S. missed getting Saddam by few yards

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posted on Apr, 16 2003 @ 09:35 AM
Report information: An American bomber struck a residential complex in Baghdad after US intelligence received information that Saddam Hussein, his sons and other top Iraqi leaders might be meeting there, US officials said. There was no immediate word on who might have been killed, but US officials said they had evidence the target had been destroyed. "There is a big hole where that target used to be," one US official said, speaking only on condition of anonymity.

Has anyone seen the news report from the residential area where Saddam and his sonís were suspected to have been hiding? It showed the room where Saddam is reported to have held his news conferences at the beginning of the attack on Baghdad. There were five telephone lines, which one Iraqi said NO home in Baghdad has. The camera also took a shot out the window and the massive crater was just yards away from the home.

Eye witnesses reportedly saw both Saddam and his son Uday (carrying an AK-47) leaving in separate cars shortly before the bombs were dropped.

Makes me wonder if the same tipster that told the U.S. where Saddam was, also told Saddam that the attack was eminent. I also wonder if that guys still breathing.

Thoughts or comments anyone?


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