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BBC criticised over 'pro-Putin' documentary

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posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 02:08 AM

Russian dissidents and exiles claim BBC2 series, Putin, Russia and the West, is 'utter apology for Putin and his regime'


The four-part BBC2 series, Putin, Russia and the West, which concludes next week, has attracted condemnation from dissidents who say it displays an unacceptable "pro-Putin bias", as well as a "lack of understanding of Russia's recent history".

Percy is a renowned documentary film-maker whose previous work includes The Death of Yugoslavia. She is known for her tenacious ability to cajole eminent figures to appear on screen, and has won numerous awards. Paul Mitchell directed Putin, Russia and the West, with Brian Lapping the executive producer.

Percy, however, insists her subject was Russia's international role during the Putin period, rather than the dynamics of Russia's often depressing internal politics. She rejects Karp's comparison that it's as if the BBC had made a series called Gaddafi, Libya and the West, interviewing only Gaddafi's cronies and loyal advisers. She said: "It's like making a programme about Gaddafi but before the Arab spring. When the Russian spring happens you talk to the Russian opposition. We show the state in action. We don't use phrases like 'mafia state'."

Oh boy talk about Cry babies who want in power so badly just to destroy and sale Russia so badly the anti- Putin are true hypocrites yeah its no wonder John McCain picked them from the NGO Organizations to do his little Russian Spring

For once i like how BBC handled this one well done mates.

As for the So called Russian dissidents and exiles yeah they are on American agenda, with this attack is pretty obvious why Putin doesn't want Russia to be sold to the globalists.

If the Russians hated Putin so much they could have taken him out while he was president right? personally i say its all connected to whats going in the middle east.
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