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Obama Care

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posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 01:43 PM
Yes to your most obvious question, " is this guy really going to bring this up again"
Well yes I am.
" Why do you want health care mandatory?" "My health care insurance premiums are being driven up by the uninsured" KEEP READING
I was doing a chore, and the "mother inlaw" comes through the easement gate and says a curt, "Hey". Cheerfully I said "Good Morning". There is the typical inlaw struggle going on, on that side of the family. They think of me as a good for nothing Bum. 12 yrs of service to my country,to include overseas operational experience, 19yrs working at one company and 6yrs of developing a business that until 2008 was successful, accounts for nothing after going on 3 yrs of being unemployed " the economy"

Well I get to thinking in my head about these people that look down their noses at me. I wonder what do you have?
Now comes the RANT. Wife's aunt has a few acres of land, which has no water on it...Wifes mother has only S.S. Wife is unemployed. Wife's Father was a guy that put 35 yrs into an electronics company, has invested nicely and still has a little something after the market losses. He has a nice modest newer home paid for. He has about $175Kish in investments. I will return to him in a moment.

I did hundreds of thousands of $ in business so I know how some money looks like a lot but really isnt. My Grandparents were in the same boat as the father inlaw. Right up to where their age caught up with them and their health care used up $200,000 cash and the value of their home, about $175K. they died broke.

Father inlaw being smart has moved his assets into a trust so his health care will not touch his assets. Are You Tracking me here. IF and IF is the key word here. If he lives long enough to need specific healthcare of a costly nature The cost of his health care will be on the Backs of the Tax Payers because his assets are now untouchable.

The same people who are promoting Obamacare have their assets untouchable and Might be in the same "wealthfare" / Medicaid bracket as the poor broke and homeless guy that is running up the cost of insurance premiums....

"Living in America" as the James Brown song goes!! " I feel good,,,haaah"
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