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Ex-President Bush Lied To FBI Director About Warrantless Surveillance

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posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 09:03 AM

Former President George W. Bush lied to FBI Director Robert Mueller in the Oval Office to protect White House programs that secretly eavesdropped on Americans

Cant really say I am shocked by that. This is interesting;

the bureau gathered evidence that was sufficient to impeach Presidents Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

thats quite a record. kinda makes you wonder about Obama in a different light ?

Its info thats coming from a new book 'Enemies'. Seems to be a good few interesting tidbits in it.

The late FBI official Mark Felt wasn't the only "Deep Throat" -- there were at least five of them, including Bob Kunkel (in charge of Washington field office) and Charles Bates, Dick Long and Charles Nuzum, (chief and lead agent in the FBI's white-collar crime section). These men, along with a few trusted fellow agents, would meet at the end of the day to discuss the Watergate investigation. "They would make a decision, a conscious decision, to leak to the newspapers. They did that because of the White House obstructing the investigation.

Interesting view from FBI. I think it kinda fits with my own view from other recently leaked material that the CIA is actaully controlling everything including the White House.
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