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The cause of the human condition

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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 04:21 PM
Trying to find inner happiness with outter content, such as materials, relationships, experiences, etc, is like trying to fix a broken car by taking it to the car wash, it may look newer, but clearly it will not fix it. But the real insanity is in washing over and over again expecting for it to work this time.

We have been brainwashed into believing that inner fullfillment can come from outter content, so we keep trying and trying, thinking that this time it will work, and that there must be something wrong with us if that fulfillment doesn't arrive, or that we're not there yet, and we must keep adding things into our lives to find it, thinking that one day it will be our turn to be like those people on tv. We are led to believe that those people must be happy. Everybody likes them, they are rich and famous, so they must be happy. Yet they suffer from the same problems as the "lower members" of society. They have addictions, can not hold relationships, and are even physically abusive. See, they have been brainwashed too, and the inner fullfillment they were expecting never arrived either. But even worse, they are running out of material options. They have tried all the outter content they could think of to make themselves happy and fulfilled, and still they are miserable as before. So they resort to those things that makes them forget themselves, such as drugs and alcohol. Because those are the only ways they know to stop that noise machine in their heads.

Inner fulfillment, inner peace, happiness, whatever you want to call that state of being satisfied, will never come from the outside. There is only one way for it to arrive to you, and its been known for thousands of years. The only way one can ever be satisfied is, by definition, by not needing anything more. This is done by ACCEPTING what is happening in every moment of your life. Right now, as you read this probably sitting in your desk, how do you feel? How does this moment feel? Look around the room around you, is there a problem right there, this very moment? That is what it means to live in the moment, the acceptance of it. Putting a stop to the "what if''s" "what should've or could'ves". The mind can never accept the present moment, so it always resorts to occupying itself with either future or past. So being present with what is happening now is how you reach fulfillment, even if its for only a moment, but the mind never wants to be present. Houston, we have a problem.

Well what if I told you that little voice in your head that never wants to be in the now, but always looks to the future and present, is under your control?

Think about the following three points.

A) More than 90% of your thoughts are judgemental and repetitive. We barely use them for creative ideas and logic.

B) Thoughts are an illusion. This is a fact. While it is true that thoughts eventually manifest, they are not real in and of themselves. Treating ideas as real is delusion.

B)Who is the listener of that voice in your head that you call your thoughts? And who is the creator of those thoughts? The answer to both is you.

With these points in mind you will be a little more motivated to experience moments of thoughtlessness, and inner fulfillment.

If you are the creator of your thoughts, then that means you CAN control them. All it takes is simply thinking "stop" or better yet "it doesn't matter" in the middle of a train of thought and you will stop the delusion. But for this you must first believe and know that 90% of the time, whatever you're thinking doesn't matter. Do this as much as you can throughout the day, and a greater depth will start manifesting in your life.

For thousands of years we have blindly allowed our thoughts to control us. They have caused a great deal of human tragedy. The seeking to be respected, to be admired, to be in power, and the seeking of more outter content these were the reasons behind the madness that has been our civilization, and they are all symptoms of humans under the control of their thoughts. A humanity seeking fulfillment in the wrong places. So the realization that we CAN be in control of our thoughts is a great revolutionary advance and it has arrived.

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 09:25 AM
good topic, i have for the last few years have being studying the human condition and i have realized that to answer many topics like yours we first have to understand this one topic thats been around for quite some time now ill tell you about it later. there are many question that come up with this word happiness, like why do we want to be happy, what makes us have the aruge to want to happy. To even answer this question you have to know a little about how the first humans behaved to needs to there wants like the need to get food compared to the want to be warm. this small question jumps in to the neuro part of the field, so do we know what we want? I dont think so, but do we want to be happy? yes. you said that the voice in your head is not real, i think out of everything in the universe it's the only real thing we have. Now the question that humans have been trying to undertstand is what have been working on for more then six years and this small topic falls under it, I am new to this site so when i can write my own thread i will talk about it. I will leave you with this- "The walking end is such a beautiful thing, the master peace of happiness is being created as we speak". let me know if you write something new.

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