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Beowolf: Rap Battles!

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posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 04:17 PM
My friend was writing a paper for English class, and he had to rewrite the Epic Beowolf as a movie of his choice. He went with Eminem's 8 Mile movie. So we had to write these raps for them. I thought they were kinda cool. But I would like to hear your awesome opinions, no matter how harsh.

"Say, doc, what’s the diagnosis? I am about to knock this kid into comatosis? His lyrics smell terrible, they are the grossest. See the problem that he still lives with his mom. Plus he is so ugly; He could not get a date to the prom! You need to stop thinking that you are so street. Because even kids on the street, know to brush their teeth! Yeah, I just said I can smell your breath from here, and you know what? It kinda smells like fear! My rhymes are so potent, that in this small segment, I made all of the ladies in the area pregnant. Yes, that would make me your father, so hop on one foot and call me daddy, before I knock you harder"

Grendel responds:
"Yo… yo yo yo… Aight. My name is Grendel ill blow you down like a birthday candle. My flow is like smoke, impossible for you too handle. Come at me, and find yourself quickly dismantled. This entire town will then by mishandled! So I live with my mom, at least I have one who loves me. And im ugly? You’re really pug-ly. Had enough Beowolf? More like BeoPUPPY! You’re just a small dog, little guppy. Im the descendant of the originally killer, you’re a nobody, just another hero figure. They come and pass, ill slay you than the next really fast. Like Abel wasn’t able to stop Cain, you’ll be incapable of stopping me. Just go back to the mead hall finish your pint, you’ll get over this defeat, you’ll be all right. But unlike a thief In the night, ill find you and end you, outright. Goodnight. GrenDEL!"

Grendel gets defeated, so then Beowolf moves onto Grendel's Mom:
" I’m Beowulf, I’ve been slaying wolves, since before the days of school. My want to kill is insatiable, its incage-able, nontame-able. So don’t be quickly dismissing me dispensing these sentencing sentences, or quickly climbing new fences into new territory for territorial reasoning. I’m extremely flammable just a spark will cause my rage blow off your head, like you poor son Grendel, you’ll be dead. With the fishes is where your bed will lie. You ugly winch, sure you aren’t guy? Where Grendel’s dad? I’m sure he’d be mad to see what a hag you turn you out to be. There ain’t no stopping me! I’m the hero of Herot! And Idle in every man’s woman’s Child’s eyes! No one will care if you die! Once you’re in the grave, we will have the greatest rave ever in all the days, it’ll be a real craze. And you’ll be a mere haze in our minds, a long lost nightmare left behind. I spin a web of incomprehensible damages, and I’ll be averaging these averages, until these savages quit it with these cabbages. I’m mad and ill, shoot to kill, play to thrill, and forget the pill. I’m a battle addict; my rhymes are sporadic, in a way that I add it. I have a list of murders, go any further, and your name with be next to your son’s, relaxing there at number one."

I know, its no the best... But, still, I wouldnt mind getting some feedback.
edit on 1/22/2012 by ShadowLife because: COLORS DIDNT WORK!!!11!!1!!!!

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