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Picknick, Flickr's editing program closes in April and moves to Google + :( I could cry!

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posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 08:38 AM
I LOVE Picnik and use it daily to edit my photos. It is user friendly and I have made some cute pics with it, many I have posted on here as well. It is also how I size my pictures and my avatars
I pay for the premium and it was the best money I have ever spent for a yearly subscription. I am in the process of editing my pictures from Italy and other events. I am making a book out of my pictures from Italy, like my own book on Italy. I have calendars and cook books I am working on via this program. Oh this is going to put a HUGE damper on things.

“Take heed! The ants have invaded.”

Picnik users will be familiar with all of those cute little picnic-related messages that appear while Picnik carries out various functions. Well, that’s the message that appears now, as Google prepares to shut down the service.

Picnik will be closing April 19, 2012.

In fact, Picnik is only one of a handful of Google products the company is shutting down. In a blog post called “Renewing Old Resolutions For The New Year” Google announced that it will be shutting down: Picnik, Urchin, Needlebase, Google Message Continuity (GMC) and the Social Graph API.

I found out by going to picnik to edit a picture for my cooking threads and got a message pop up. That was not there yesterday.

It also states in the article other sites Google is closing....Grrrr you Google! WHY!

It also says this, now I'm not familiar on what open source really is but i use Google Sky Maps. What does this mean? Can someone explain this please. I use this and want to know what I have to look forward to or dread lol I use the Apps on my phone for my telescope when I'm outside at night and need to know what I'm looking at. It's great!

In the same announcement, Google said it is also open sourcing Google Sky Map.

Wow as I write this thread I am reading about this closure. It isn't closing it is MOVING to Google +! I also have PIcasa Web which is Googles version of Flickr you could say, but you couldn't use Picnik with Picasa only Flickr and you couldn't load your Flickr Pics to Picasa or pick from your folders on Flickr to share on Picasa. It drove me nuts because when I was in Italy I had the hardest time loading my pics because of this issue! Now it seems Google has taken or paid a lot for Picnik to move to Google +. It is now going to be integrated with Picasa Web. Well this sucks! I have thousands of pictures on Flickr but not to worry now you can select your flickr pics and edit away in Google +. I don't like Google + and this is going to force me to use it and I hate it! I liked that Flickr was just pictures and video. Google + is a pain!

To me it seems like a way to get people to use Google + since not many do. You can also pick from your FB pics for Picnik now which before you couldn't, so it does look they have way more option with moving to Google +. I like it and I don't.

Picnik on the move.

Picnik, an online picture editing tool has been acquired by Google. The tool was awesome and was used by many. You could just select your pictures from Picasa, Flickr or Facebook and tweak it on the go.
This could be really helpful for Google Picasa as this would enhance editing options in Picasa . It could even be implemented on Google Image Search for say, if you wanted to quickly sharpen a picture, you could use this.

Picnik goes to Google +
Picnik leaves Flickr April 2012

Anyone else use this program?

posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 12:22 PM
I use Flickr's for some clients and yes i know it sucks, it seems or should i say everything is going one way and thats right under the control of nsa oops i meant google, no i didn't yes the nsa.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 07:12 AM

Originally posted by cerebralassassins
I use Flickr's for some clients and yes i know it sucks, it seems or should i say everything is going one way and thats right under the control of nsa oops i meant google, no i didn't yes the nsa.

HAHA my thoughts exactly! I have had Flickr and Picnik pro for two years! That is a lot of pictures I have to transfer. Im not happy.

I do have my Italy pics on my Picasa Web album so that helps. When I loaded them last yr while still in Italy I couldn't link with Flickr so I had to download each pic to my desktop then reload to Flickr. It was such a pain! Now Google is taking it all from Flickr!

I will switch since I have so many things Im making that require Picnik or some for of editing. I have Gimp and PS (not installed) but I find Picnik easy to use compared to Gimp and PS!

Darn NSA I mean google

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