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Stop the US Madness! Get involved to educate the people of America.

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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 04:30 PM
Hi there, my name is Misty. I am the creator of the blog Stop The US Madness and tomorrow I will be doing my first ever, LIVE webcast.

So what do I like to talk about? What's my purpose? Why am I even doing this at all? Those are all really great questions and here's some answers. First, I am an Army veteran, a parent, a lesbian and a concerned citizen. As a veteran, I still consider my oath to defend our Constitution to be sacred and I stand by that.

As a parent, I want to see my children grow up happy and health; not in some FEMA death camp or in fear for their lives each and every day. As a lesbian, well... Frankly I don't care if I can get married to my partner of 11 years or not. No offense, but with the high divorce rate in this country I don't think there's anything sacred about marriage.

I've been posting in the ATS forums for a bit but I want to do more. I want to help open people's eyes and help them to see the US government for what it really is; a war mongering, tyrannical force which wants to seize complete and utter control of the world and then kill us all.

So my blog is a starting point. I will be having my first ever live webcast tomorrow, Sat Jan 21, 2012. The show will run from 5PM-7PM AZ time and I have a plethora of topics I will be covering as well as current news. The show will be broadcast via UStream

I hope that you will support me in my efforts to educate more people. I am looking for a few good people to possibly help me dig up new topics, find dirt and check facts so if you have some free time then hit me up!

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by DJDigitalGem

Good on you Dj..thanks for your service to America and bravo to you for trying to educate people, While I have not made up mind yet on who to vote for..I have always voted..I'll stop by and listen on your podcast..keep up the good work..Cheers Coco SNF

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by itscocobaby

Thanks so very much! My 13 year old daughter is my assistant right now and she is soooooo excited she started making flyers to pass out at school and to post around our community

She is extremely passionate about life and freedom, as am I, and she is incredibly smart to boot. She's been offered the opportunity to attend an international baccalaureate high school. She's on the honor roll now, in junior high, and has been since grade school. I am very proud of her and I'm glad to have her on my team!

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 05:10 PM
I like your attitude! I'ma check out your blog now. Peace and thanks for fighting the good fight in the education of America.

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by The GUT

Well thank you so very much! I'm really nervous but excited about my broadcast tomorrow

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 05:27 PM
Hey, your blog is kicking butt so far!! Highly recommended. Lucid, great info, and great writing.

I bet you'll do great tomorrow too, I'll definitely try to be there.

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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 07:41 PM
WOW! Well thank you very much! My GF gets mad at me because I am on the net so much lol. She is one of the people that prefer to bury their head in the sand but not me. I try to educate her but she gets all upset and starts crying saying I am making her depressed. My blog, and now webcast, are excellent ways for me to be able to speak my mind and not have her weeping.

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 07:52 PM
A noble intent indeed.

I think my country is also run by a bunch of crooks, who may eventually have less than noble intentions for South Africa's minorities.

So, as a minority gay white male from SA (and SA is often called lucky these days - still), I'm just wondering how you would reply to people whose countries are much worse, and they would say people in the USA are lucky?

Can the US be a template, or an example for other countries?

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 08:23 PM
reply to post by halfoldman

Honestly, things for gays and lesbians have started moving in a better direction. Back in the late 80's, early 90's, when I was in high school I was tormented because of my sexual preference. I would hope that when it comes to civil rights and just the basic treatment of human beings, the US can set an example for the rest of the world.

When it comes to our politics well.... That's a whole different story. The US is like the parent that tells their child "do as I say, not as I do." We say to other countries that they need to stop beating their citizens in the streets, that the citizens should be heard without fear of persecution or even murder. By now I am sure you have seen our Occupier movement and all of the protestors being beaten and maced by police. So basically, it's ok if American police beat the citizens but Egypt you better not!

The US has always been held to higher standards simply because historically we have been the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world. What we are seeing in our streets right now enrages me, it makes my blood boil. College students beaten, our Department of Homeland Security turning our airports in to places of sexual assault and cancer with their full body scanners and strip searches.

This country is not the country I was born in and grew up in and I'll be damned if I am going to let things go to complete hell for my children. I will die fighting if it comes to that. Other countries hate the US because of our dirty politics and underhanded dealings but that is NOT the will of the American people. That is the top 1% that control this country and for whom the bell now tolls.

posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 10:38 AM
I have uploaded the show opener that I made last night to Youtube! It's incredible powerful so have a watch!

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posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 11:45 PM
reply to post by DJDigitalGem

Hi Dj..I'm sorry I didn't get to tune into your broadcast tonight are you going to have it available in your archives so I can go back and listen?

And I am so happy your children are your best buds..and doing so great..take care Cheers Coco

posted on Feb, 1 2012 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by itscocobaby

It's too long for Youtube LOL. I'm going to try to break it in to shorter segments and then I will get some links posted.

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