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We Might Want To Start Paying Attention to Any Time Anomalies- One Happened to Me

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posted on Jul, 8 2012 @ 03:40 PM
I had a very disturbing time loss experience back in 79 or 80. I was with four other people in the living room of a house I was renting. It was a sunny afternoon and were were having a few brews and bs-ing. Then it was dark with the street lights shining into the dark room and everyone was like what just happened. I remember being rather stiff and some what cold everyone was stretching as if we just woke up. At the time there was a guy named Tim there and we all knew it was his fault that this had happened. He was very apologetic about it "I'am sorry it just happens sometimes" and then quite suddenly everyone decided to go home. It was only 10:30 at night on a weekend, we usually stayed up much later.

But there is still more weirdness to my story, I had always remembered Tim as one of the gang until a few years ago when I was talking about this with my wife. Upon retelling of the story I realized that I had no other memories of Tim before or after that day!

We lost at least 4 hrs maybe as many as 7 hrs and each of us knew something happened that focused around Tim he also knew it was because of him.

The next morning I talked with my roommate about it, we could not explain what happened nor why we had beers left from the 12 pack.

I have always had this nagging feeling that Tim was abducted that afternoon and the rest of us lost time because of it, though I have no conclusive memories to substantiate this feeling.

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by AlaskanDad

Around the time period you are talking about something very strange happened to my English class in high school. I have been tempted many times to recount it here on ATS but it's hard to talk about such an old and strange and traumatic event in an environment that can sometimes quickly turn hostile.

In brief, lightning supposedly struck our school, and most of the class and the teacher afterwards said they experienced it as a momentary flicker of the lights. But about a fifth of us experienced that same "moment" as a long drawn out event of possibly a century in which we all saw and experienced mostly the same sights and experience, with some variation due to persepctive, then went through having the classroom rematerialze around us. The teacher had to hold an emergency discussion about it to calm us down because we were so freaked out. His conclusion was we were suffering from group hysteria and he made us stop further discussion.

The "event" we thought we experienced was a nuclear blast that killed all of us and left the school in ruins. We all told the teacher we experienced the blast, then a void, then "waking up" in the destroyed classroom with the dust of probably a century on everything. We couldn't see each other there. Some of the kids saw and heard things the rest of us didn't. I don't remember what that was, machines of some sort, I think. Our stories were pouring out too fast and I was too rattled to remember them all.

I remember being there in that ruined classroom and gradually realizing I must be dead. I freaked out because I was wondering why wasn't I in heaven or somewhere else and worried I'd be stuck in that rubble for eternity. So even though I can't say I remember having a body I sank down where I was, thinking "I don't want to be here" over and over again. And like Dorothy saying "There's no place like home" I heard a kind of wind sound and the class rematerialzed around me and I had my head down on my desk, my hands clutching my head and my concerned teacher asking if I was okay. Then I blurted out my story and the teacher noticed other shellshocked looking kids and suddenly got their accounts, too.

He told us all that had happened was that lightning had struck the school and the lights flickered for a moment. Most of my friends in that class agreed that was all that had happened. I didn't know the other kids very well who shared my account of it. I really only knew one by name, Andre, and he turned to me as we were leaving the class and said "I believe you. I saw it, too". I said to him, "what was that?" and he shrugged and said he didn't know.

I bumped into him once in college but we didn't mention it. In fact, I never spoke of it myself until a couple of years ago. I finally told my husband and parents. I guess when the lightning hit the school some of us freaked out and hallucinated the same experience somehow. It was the cold war and the movie "The Day After" had already aired by then and made quite an impression on us kids at the time.

Anyway it's weird how people can go through something as a group and still have no clue what happened.

posted on Jul, 9 2012 @ 06:47 PM
reply to post by SheeplFlavoredAgain

That is really an interesting situation you went through, and I know what you mean about not wanting to talk about it. Years went by before I told others about my loss of time and I told very few until recently, ie the internet. I was glad to see your reply as it shows me there are others that have experienced mysteries that confused their realty.

Lightning is amazing who knows what portals it may open!

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 02:07 AM
reply to post by AlaskanDad

My English teacher told us it was group hysteria. He was quite rattled, himself, to have not just one student, but several freak out about what to him was a simple act of nature, and he was very keen on shutting us up and getting order restored and getting us back to the lesson. Amazingly, I found out he still teaches English at the same high school. I wish I could work up the nerve to contact him and ask him what he remembers, but after thirty years and goodness knows how many students, I doubt he would remember even wacked out me and my tale of nuclear devastation. He was in a hurry to put it to rest then and I'm sure he doesn't dwell on it now. Even I usually don't.

I have found one old friend who was with me in the class that day. She is one of the kids who just experienced the flicker of the lights. So, it's hardly worth bothering her about and not something I care to discuss with her after thirty years, either. Andre would be the one to talk to, but I've lost track of him. Maybe if I see him at the next high school reunion, it would make a hell of an ice-breaker!
I never really knew the other kids by name. It was a big impersonal school and a lot of us were bussed in for the special college prep program.

I don't think we were actually physically or temporally anyplace different from the rest of the class. It has to have been some weird sort of shared hallucination triggered by the boom of the lightning strike and brief blackout. But I don't know enough about psychology or neuroscience to even begin to figure out how it happened and seemed so convincing and caused such a shared distorted perception of time.

We remembered and recounted the explosion with its searing whiteness and then a void and then ruin. I guess we all came to our senses roughly the same time. I remember my last thought but it has profanity in it so I can't say what it was, lol. Beyond that, I do have difficulties being certain of the other details.

There is an account here on ATS by another member who had a dream of dying in a nuclear blast. His dream was very much like my waking memory. At any rate, it is all rather strange. Thank you for reading my post and responding with a sympathetic tone. I wonder if we will ever know the truth behind our respective experiences.

posted on Jul, 10 2012 @ 02:20 AM
I found that thread here It was actually Killuminarti's description of dying that was more like the one I remember giving my teacher and that the other students agreed with. We all remember seeing and feeling us all burn/melt to skeletons as we died. Of course that makes no sense, as our eyeballs would have been vaporized first and we wouldn't be seeing anything, now would we? That is the part that makes me question the whole experience, it is way too much like the scene in the miniseries "The Day After". So I don't think we were really killed in an alternate reality, but that still doesn't solve the shared craziness part.

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 07:50 AM
I was about to start a thread about time slips and time anomalies but I searched first and found this. Great stories here! I am fascinated by things like this! I have had a few time slips myself but to be honest I think they are nothing more than my mind wandering.

Once while driving to pick up my child from the sitter a few years ago I lost a full 20 minutes at least. I was sitting at a red light and then suddenly I was driving down the road at least 15 miles PAST where I needed to go and I have no idea how I got there. I have never told anyone about it cause, well, it is too strange and kinda embarrassing! Was i that zoned out? I wasn't drinking or doing drugs and I hadn't even taking anything as simple as cold medicine, so what happened??? after silently obsessing over it for ever I came to the conclusion that I just simply brain farted and should be happy I didn't kill anyone on the road or hurt myself whilst driving blind so to speak. After reading some of the posts on here, now I'm not so sure...

Another strange thing related to time that happens to me is, I seem to wake up every few days at exactly 3:33 am now, I am a skeptic ok about most things paranormal or conspiracy ect. But this is just too coincidental. I'm talking about 3 times a week this happens to me and its never off by even a minute its always 3:33am

anyway I have no idea what these things are about but I'd love to find out, I'm also glad im not alone is having uber-creepy stuff happen!

posted on Aug, 9 2012 @ 08:04 AM
I have another theory to present, though I don't like to demonize the government (not out of patriotism, just cause I don't really think they would be "out to get us" like many people attest, as its not in the interests of governments to destroy their people, but maintain hold on them, because if they killed everyone off except for a class of "elites" who would they have to rule? And I know many people say they are trying to get a tighter grip on us through a mass of proposed techniques, but I just find it unlikely, personally, for one, because I don't believe in "chemtrails" because they are a label for contrails, or condensation trails, for people who do not understand things like how the intense heat of a jet might cause such effects as the alleged "chemtrail" in the bitter cold of higher altitudes, and if I have reason to doubt chemtrails, I have reason to doubt a lot more) but anyway, IF the government is actually doing something to "chemically lobotomize" the world, the first thing to go would be our perception of time, in the effect that a traditional lobotomy of the temporal lobe, the perception of time goes bye bye. That is to say, such people are only aware of the here and now, have little idea of how to deal with past memories and the like, and can't envision the future, even when asked about concepts like "what are you going to do tomorrow?" Anyhow, I know it sounds more doomish than the idea of us crossing into a new dimension and all, but I do think it is more realistic, IMO. The idea that we are crossing into another dimension is just a positive spin on the 2012 prophecies, and while there may be some truth to even those, which I do not know, I tend to think that this is just another year to get through and whatever happens, happens. I will deal with it as it comes. Just a thought for those seeking some sort of "evidence" to back up their claims...

posted on Jun, 9 2016 @ 01:43 AM
For over at least the last 15 years, I've had time anomalies recurrent in my life which actually involved large spans of time. Years and many experiences re-lived. I'm having recall of details regarding how and when these changes or "restarts" of periods of time have happened. I joined to comment and describe this rather strange phenomena as I can now describe it quite accurately while most of the times, I couldn't figure out what had happened.
First, I'm Not alarmed by this phenom anymore. I'm a drummer and just as playing some favorite songs with band-mates, these events have happened many times and from my experience, will happen many more times and I'll enjoy most of the time except for the deja vu which normally I don't quite understand while it happens (all the time).

At a point in time not long from current time, from my experience, there is a shuffle of "when we're at"
For those in active support of the change, there is knowing of the event and how these things are managed. The entire point is to gracefully divert normal course away from an otherwise inevitable occurrence. I wouldn't be a one to ask regarding What needs avoided. Point is, I've been helped in graceful fashion to re-enter society and live as normal a life as can humanly and Humanely be accommodated.

At a point in time, amnesia is brought to the person moving.
Time blurs to the point one knows not what the current time, month and year is.
This could be explained further but I won't.
Once amnesia is brought onto the individual, events and people of the target time frame get brought before the individual being "moved".
Records indicate with quite precise information about who one was around, whether at work, play, band mates, drinking buddies, family and other regular individuals of the target "time".
A sort of reenactment begins of a particular "event" from that period of time. Such as a visit to a good friend's home.
This, as begun is a reenactment of the event, say an evening. A little bit of beer helps blur the time just a bit as members of the engagement "falls back" into that moment. Its like waking up back then from a "dream" of a time which hasn't yet happened. Nobody would understand it and the feeling is a short period of deja vu, in essence.
When fully convinced the period of time is actually real, memories, names, work history, current schedules and other such memories of importance from that time overtake any feelings of being out of place or out of "time". We get with the program and within a very short period of time, life resumes and is good.
As one approaches the point of no further, remembering amnesia and the Humane methods used to help you Back, become known. This is no accident and signs you are to understand will add up and make sense so as to gracefully communicate Time is coming to step back again, with the help which is right there closer than one might realize.
There are casualties in the action, which some notice as strange though not too bad occurrences of time step phenom, for some. Most may not be fully aware of the passage of time to quite know what they are experiencing. For them, their temporary unawareness is a good thing. If it seems like deja vu, it is and from a very experienced time traveler (sorry but I am), these things too will pass.
Don't get freaked out over these things, as it is from help and you'll probably be happy again quite soon, having nothing more than deja vu. The experience and this limited amount of info about this phenom, or action, is quite substantial and just remember, when your bandmates count that song off, be there on 1.

Due to the strange topic and items discussed, I didn't post this. I probably won't return to look at responses. Take it for what it is worth and I understand the risks of sharing these experiences with others. Point is, yes time anomalies happen and its a wonderful gift, handed to us as Help and given in the most graceful ways possible for us to resume normal productive lives.

posted on Jun, 9 2016 @ 02:45 AM
The truth is very sad...

We are robots being driven by a simulation. Your mind isn't part of your brain...

You are being telepathically given desires that sync with what you're doing. This gives you the illusion of control.
Your desires are NOT determining what your body does.

What happened is that your body was programmed to go to the kitchen then your mind was given the idea to go to the kitchen so you though it was your will. As you proceeded your awareness was paused but your body proceeded then your awareness was restored one there.

Many people on this world are going through life with different levels of awareness and control. It's even possible to be trapped in your body and be aware but no control so you can't stop yourself from whatever.

It's sad because people know but won't tell the truth. Believe it or not there are straight guys trapped in their bodies crying while forced to do gay porn with ugly creeps. There are beautiful women forced into adult entertainment and relationships they don't want. There are people forced to kill their own children and stuff like that.

It's so sad that people won't teach each other such things and create strict laws to protect the victims from being used and violated.

posted on Jun, 9 2016 @ 04:07 AM
I'm sorry you see it that way, experienced as you sound on the matter. I feel not as a victim of it, though I once did.

posted on Jun, 9 2016 @ 12:39 PM
I've had something similar happen to me, I believe there is an explanation but here is what happened to me:

I was driving to a friend's house, I had never been there but had directions. I was driving and I felt like I blanked out for a second, my CD was 3 tracks ahead of where I remember it, the road I was on was about 5 miles off from where I had initially been going, but my clock was the time it should have been. It was odd, I personally think I just blacked out (which can be a sign of mental illness) oooooor it was aliens. Aliens are more fun to blame than my impending mental breakdown!

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