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Yarron IV: The Battle for Havoc Station

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posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 03:43 AM
Hey everyone,

I've always wanted to start writing my own sci-fi short stories but never really had the motivation to start with it. All I ever read is hardcore space opera science fiction, anywhere from Stephen Baxter to Larry Niven. I just wrote this short story from the top of my head, since I tend to day dream a lot of stuff like this. Anyway, I know this story is pretty rough on editing and what-not since I copied and paste this from Microsoft Office. I did have trouble coming up with dialogue since I seem to be lacking skill with it - so bear with me

I had to split this in two posts. Hope you all like it.


Yarron IV: The Battle for Havoc Station

Time was at a standstill for Sirin Voss as she closed her eyes and wondered if she would make it out alive on this mission. Voss had endured many missions involving ridiculous odds of survival, but this one was different.

The Corporate Federation’s (CF) research and development station Havoc 1, is the most heavily fortified space station in the outer arm of the galaxy. Not a single rival corporation has been able to break through the station’s point defense batteries, and Voss knew it was going to be rough - even with the most advanced technology from the Sovereign Planetary Republic (SPR).

Voss opened her eyes and tracked her squadron’s trajectory that was being projected on her helmet’s visor. The only way her squadron could possibly arrive undetected was to drift behind a cluster of asteroids floating outside of Yarron IV’s rings. As she plotted the next coordinate for the initial attack, she could see the station’s fleet of destroyers and cruisers parked within eye sight of each other around the station.

“Alright everyone, this is it. Three minutes until we arrive at the station’s active scanner range. Make sure all active and passive systems are off and maintain communication silence until Rick flashes the station. I hope all of you checked for leaks in your suits.” Voss said.

“Haha, you know damn well my blood is thick enough to clog a wormhole! I doubt my suit will be a problem.” Rick said while shutting down his bomber’s life support system.

“Shut up Rick, I’m surprised you’re still alive after that incident on Hyacinth.”

“I’m alive and well just for you baby!” said Rick, as he smiled at Voss outside his canopy and made an obscene gesture with his hands. Voss shook her head in disbelief.

The plan was to fire graviton torpedoes that would detonate within the targeting sphere of the station. This would mask the squadron’s signature radius and allow them to line up a jump gate for the rest of the fleet. Though in theory it should work, Voss and her crew knew there could be something waiting for them that has not seen the light of day at this research station.

The squadron of 35 fighters and bombers drifted closer to the station’s range of detection. A scan beam shot from one of the point defense platforms and scanned the cluster of rocks they were drifting with. Voss held her breath as the beam scanned over her canopy, looking for anything that was emitting heat or anomalies in gravity. The beam dissipated and the serene silence of space was murdered.

“Flash them Rick!” Voss said while flicking the ship’s systems back on.
“Bwaaaaaaaaaaa!” A piercing battle shout from Rick deafened the com channel.

Rick’s bomber faced the station with a series of jets from its vectoring thrusters. He fired four graviton torpedoes in different directions and they all exploded at different points between two platforms and the station. The detonation was a blinding white sphere of light and gravity. The blast shifted the platforms stationary orbit from the gravity wave, tilting it out of place. All of the sensors and targeting systems on the station were unable to get any readings on the squadron. Voss could see the area surrounding the station became active with movement from the hangers, while the station’s fleet began to move toward the explosion’s origin.

“Everyone move in!” yelled Voss. ”You have roughly two minutes to get past the platforms before your ass gets smoked!
“Satori, we’ll draw in the fighters while you line up the jump beacon!” said Voss.
“You got it mam!”

Satori fired his thrusters and drifted away from the squadron and jettisoned the jump beacon from his bomber’s cargo hold. After the beacon arrived at its pre-programmed range, the gyros stabilized it and then began transmitting coordinates to the SPR fleet waiting in hyperspace.

As the squadron flew past the two platforms, Rick and his wing of bombers released their antimatter bombletts. The bombs detonated within meters of the platforms, causing a massive explosion of piercing red and blue light. The explosions ripped both platforms into a million pieces of scrap metal.

“I count 4 squadrons of fighters closing in at 2,000km. I want all fighters on me to drive a wedge into them. Protect the bombers at all costs!”

Voss and her fighters formed an echelon formation and began firing their rail cannons at the approaching enemy. Half of the first enemy squadron was vaporized since it had no warning of incoming fire. Soon after that, the station’s assets began to recover from the initial attack. The safety cover was now gone and all hell was about to break loose. All of the rail cannon turrets on the station facing Voss’ squadron began to open fire.

“Incoming fire, everyone take evasive action! Rick, start taking out the batteries on the station or else we’re done!” Just as she said that, a bright blue beam shot out from one of the enemy cruiser’s ion cannon turret and ripped apart four of Voss’ fighters.

“Everyone, move under station and get out of sight from those damn cruisers!” said Voss.
“Locked and firing missiles, I hope you remember this one Voss!” said Rick as he destroyed a few turrets on the underside of the station.

The squadron positioned itself between the blocks of protruding structures on the station. They could see the chaotic motions of its crew running past the windows. The enemy fighters were coming around of the circular edge of the station, trying lock onto Voss and her squadron. Voss wasn’t sure if they would fire at them, risking the chance of hitting the station. No sooner than that did something happen. A bright yellow glow began to emit off the station’s hull. Getting brighter and brighter, the whole station pulsed in immense light – pushing all of Voss’ fleet away from it.

“What the hell was that!” cried Rick as his ship spun out of control from the station.
“Everyone form up with your designated wings, and head down from the station at zeroeight degrees. I hope to god the damn fleet is coming in soon!” said Voss.

As they drifted out of control from the station, the enemy fighters began firing their rail cannons carelessly in the direction of the station. Five more fighters and a bomber were shredded from the hail of tungsten-carbide rounds. The rounds that did hit the station seemingly disintegrated with flash of yellow and white sparks.

“Did you see that Voss?” Rick said.
“Looks like they have some type of shield on the whole damn station, we’re going to have to bail out before we – wait, I’m picking up fleet’s com channel. They’re here.” Said Voss in relief.
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posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 03:45 AM

Above the station, the SPR fleet broke hyperspace with an ominous flash of light being displaced. The fleet consisted of the Tachyon, a Diadem class carrier and several other cruisers. Immediately after coming out of hyperspace, the fleet began to open fire on the station’s five cruisers and destroyers. The SPR cruisers had large concentrated ion cannons that protruded from the bow of each ship. Each of the SPR cruisers pointed the ion cannons at a target and fired their blue beams at the enemy cruisers.

Surprisingly, the cruisers withstood the first salvo of charged ions from the SPR fleet. But once the second salvo came, the dampening shield on the ships began to fail, leaving them naked. As soon as they failed, the ion cannons punched clean holes into the portside of the cruisers as they tried to align themselves to a jump point. Debris and bodies began to pour out of the holes from the grasping vacuum of space.

Voss and her squadron broke off into smaller wings, taking out more of the enemy fighters. The squadron was weaving in between the tumbling wreckage of the destroyed cruisers, allowing them to take cover from rail cannons on the station. What was left of the remaining destroyers got taken out by a series of antimatter tipped missiles from the Tachyon. The last of the remaining enemy fighters made a run for the station and docked hard in its hangers.

“Looks like they’re running scared to mama.” Said Rick as he laughed.

“All wings go ahead and dock with the Tachyon for rearming and repairs. We’re not done yet – we have to see what’s inside this station…” Ordered Voss.

“Hey, so are you and I going to the bar after this, captain?” said Rick, in a sultry sounding voice.

“That will be the day when the universe implodes on itself, Rick…” Voss said nonchalantly.

As they docked inside the Tachyon’s hangers, they could see the marines starting to board their assault ships with heavy weaponry and armored walkers. Amid all of this, Voss noticed a group of scientists and officers board one of the assault ships. Whatever was inside the station was obviously important to the SPR.

Voss’ squadron was rearmed and patched up with self-replicating nanobot foam that fizzled on the surface of the fighters hulls. As the assault group poured out of the port and starboard hangers of the Tachyon, Voss looked around one last time as it seemed so normal for her.

The assault squadron formed up and headed toward the station, staggered in groups of fighters, bombers and assault craft. The blinding light from the star peered around the curvature of Yarron IV, illuminating all of the wreckage and derelict ships that littered in front of the station.

Time was at a standstill for Sirin Voss as she closed her eyes and wondered if she would make it out alive on this mission…

She opened her eyes and whispered - “Here we go again.”

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posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 03:54 AM
Stick with it, It looks like a good little read from what I breezed through

I will Flag and read it properly; With my full attention once I have caught some z's

Or you know, got a caffeine fix

posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 04:00 AM

Originally posted by RobbWonder
Stick with it, It looks like a good little read from what I breezed through

I will Flag and read it properly; With my full attention once I have caught some z's

Or you know, got a caffeine fix

Haha, thanks and no problem! I just decided to open up a blank page on Office and just started typing away. I know it could use more detail in certain parts, but I really just wanted to get a feel for it. I wish I could take a course at my college in writing science fiction, but unfortunately I have to take technical writing for my degree...

Anyway, hope you enjoy it with your morning coffee!

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