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Are The American Government Destroying and Isolating The USA On Purpose?

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posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 02:27 AM
Reading through this thread, I realized that i disagree with what most people see as facts that don't even cross their mind.

1 thing I disagree with is that the US has to be painted as a bad country for people of other countries to see our system doesn't work.

I think this has already been the case for many years. The picture of the US as a country with strong values, sound government, keepers of peace, and freedom... that picture is something completely fictional painted by our government. We hear often about people of other countries being "brain washed" but that is the case here just as much as any other country.

Throughout the world we are seen as evil, we are bullies, and in many places we are just seen as a laughing stock. US citizens who travel the world wonder why we are hated, some come to realize it because we are not from the type of country we are conditioned to believe we are from.
It gets even worse when we carry an arrogant attitude with us to these countries, our sense of entitlement as democratic peace keepers, protectors of freedom around the world.

Getting off topic but my original point, most people around the world already understand that our way of doing things is not good, and we have a bad rep. to begin with, wouldn't really need to be tarnished any further to make people want to stay as far away from our system as possible.

The second thing I disagree with is that our citizens would have to be weakened financially or in any other way to usher in the NWO. Couldn't disagree more.
Especially if the theory is that our government is intentionally weakening us to help speed the process along.

There would be no need for that, we are a country full of weak, easily manipulated people. Im not talking about anyone on this form, as being here alone shows we have a tendency to question instead of blindly follow.
But its no secret that the vast majority of the population listens and believes to whatever the government/ media is telling them.

All it would take would be the government to feed us lies about how much we would prosper under the NWO (different wording of course)
The news plugging this new super government painting a picture of Utopia, super happiness for everybody. Pure propaganda, you get the point.
Our people would be eating that stuff up blindly following the promises of those they trust.

So in response to the OP's title, 'Are The American Government Destroying and Isolating The USA On Purpose'

I don't think so, I really don't think it is necessary, in my simplest words... we pretty much do what were told to begin with, and people around us pretty much hate our policies enough already.

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