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Disturbing Dream/Vision of Gray Alien Entities in My Room

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posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 01:49 PM
I had this happen to me recently and I felt compelled to share this story with ATS members to perhaps get some insight into this perplexing dream/vision I had recently.

So I was alone in my room with the doors and windows locked. It was cold so I had my blanket over my head to gather warmth. Suddenly, I had this vision that my blanket became transparent, as if someone was looking at me through it. I panicked for a moment, then noticed something peculiar at the corner of my vision. There was a blue alien gray head that seemed to float above the face of the closet in my room. The face held its hypnotic gaze and my initial terror quickly turned into a sense of blind obedience.

But there was some part of me that wanted to try to capture this moment, as if to gather proof that it was indeed happening to me. That was when I noticed that this gray alien's face cast a shadow on the curtain across the room. I approached the curtain and touched the shadow and lifted off an imprint of the gray alien's face from the curtain. The imprint resembled magazine paper, but it retained a convincing likeness of the face. I quickly realize that I needed to gather more evidence, so I quickly began lifting more imprints off the curtain. After I had gathered 5-7 imprints that had enough detail, I decided to cut off the shadow imprint literally off the curtain. Once I did that, I felt satisfied that I had enough proof to show that I had been visited by this blue gray alien.

But that's when things really got creepy. I suddenly realized that maybe the shadow on the curtain didn't come from the gray alien in my room, maybe it came from outside. That was when I lifted the curtain and noticed a white chair with it's back facing me. On the back of the chair was a white gray alien face, imprinted on the chair. I noticed that there were several of these white chairs with gray alien faces. What was odd was that these chairs sat in my fruit orchard. In my current room, the window faces the street, the only room that faces the fruit orchard was in my childhood bedroom, which I haven't slept in ages.

So it quickly dawned on me that this fictional room was an amalgamation of two rooms in my house, one that I sleep in as an adult and the other I slept in as a child. What really disturbed me though was that I noticed that the fruit trees had fruits with gray alien faces on it and that some of these fruits had been eaten, like I had partaken of the essence of gray matter. That was when I saw a metal antenna rod pointing out from the window into my childhood room. This rod seemed to be some sort of frequency measurement device. I instinctively tried to break the device, when I noticed that it has been screwed into place, as if by human hands, I stopped for a moment wondering who would do such a thing?

The dream/vision gets weirder with farm animals, farming and water playing a role in this. I woke up scared out of my wits. It was a strange dream and it brought up all sorts of questions, like what kind of role are gray aliens playing in our society today in the harvesting of human soul energy through food and matter. I remember reading that the grays are robotic entities with no souls and that their tampering with human genetic lines was an attempt to graft human souls into their future genetic stock. Just how deep does the gray alien tinkering in our society go?

Just for the record, I live in a rural country setting in the boonies. Ever since I was young, I was terrified of aliens. I had all but forgotten about this until I had this dream and it kind of brought it all back. Do you think I was abducted as a child and this dream was trying to tell me something? I have to admit that I also had an incident happen 2 years ago where I woke from a deep sleep to notice several gray alien faces moving about on my ceiling. It was like they were watching me. Spooky stuff.

posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 03:00 PM
reply to post by seekclarity

I wouldn't say you had a vision , more like a lucid dream about something you admit you were terrified of as a child and have an interest in now , if you had a fear of ... lets say clowns ... then the faces you would have seen would probably been of clowns .

Neither do I think its an indication that you were abducted as a child , if you had been I would imagine you would have had many dreams about the abduction in the years since it happened , and the dream would have contained details associated with it .

I must admit I have always enjoyed lucid dreams whether they be good or bad , the way they stay with you for the rest of that day rolling around your mind.... its as if your brain's trying to tell you something

posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 03:12 PM
If it happens again, you can try praying to make them go away.

I have heard of some cases this has worked.

This is based on the fact that these enities could be demons of spirits.

posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 03:12 PM
Thanks Goretex, its amazing the stuff that drenches in the subconscious then filters into your dreams. It was definitely a strange lucid dream, very vivid.

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