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Our Destination [YWC]

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posted on Jan, 6 2012 @ 02:23 PM
Awaken brothers and sisters the time of your transmogrification is at hand!

Behold human family the spirit of infinite love is washing over the surface of the earth..
like a tide she sweeps over the land but unlike water she does not wash you away but as a myst she enchants...

To each of you that know the signs of the you free spirits of love, unchained from the attachment of the physical allure..
The bright lights and hypnotic scents that bedazzle and baffle the senses...

You are awake...awake... awake...

It is your calling to seek out those that is your calling to touch them with your words..your energies..your love and show them the matrix for what it is.

You are traveling on a spaceship called Earth through time and space and are at the pinnacle of your destination. On the verge of monumental change...about to be transformed into that consciousness which exists only in the realms of the divine!

You are about to cross over but you must save have much work to do brothers and sisters...

Knowledge is nothing if one does not have wisdom to apply it with.. You each know in your hearts, if you are truly awaken to the like i are aware and conscious of what see how many of our brothers and sisters are afflicted with this depression and despair of illusion. It is time to awaken as many as you can reach..for only the awaken can cross into the destination of the divine!

These are the words of the Nezcanites of Pardissimo...the last words prior to the crossing...echoed through space and time...latch onto them and follow us into the destination of the divine...

Your interplanetary family await you...galaxies upon galaxies of races...families of human kind...

We have journeyed to that destination you are about to reach and we have tasted true liberation. We live in the light of peace and love and we call to you...humanity...awaken to your destination!
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