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Father Nathan Monk at Pensacola City Council

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posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 02:23 AM
Evidently the good Priest needed to address the City Council regarding a previous meeting.

He seemed to chastise the Council Members for throwing out three attendees at the prior meeting and express his discust for their decision, one which he believes violated the Constitution and an ammendment or two.

Irregardless of his presence at these meeting for years, through many Cousel Member Changes, and proclaiming his, and our right to speak our minds as is written in the First Ammendment, the Council called that he was out of time.

It seems however that Father Nathan had his timer with him and objected to the call claiming over a minute left at the podeum.

As his challenge was struck down, an Officer approaches the Priest, more officers following suit and surround him as he waits for his true rightful alottment of time to expire.

As he yields the podeum, he is grabbed by the men in blue.

Now we can truly witness abuse of power to stop the scolding they had comming FOR their abuse of power.

The gaul of them to silence a Priest and use the police as their henchmen.

Here is the video.

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