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Business Innovation and Start-ups

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posted on Dec, 29 2011 @ 02:08 AM
Hi Everyone.

Not sure whether there is a right or wrong place to place this but here goes...

You're all obviously on this site for a reason and that is why I am here.

You think differently because you are here, things outside of the box so to speak that people unlike us don't immerse themselves in. The opportunity's in this world are endless and new sciences are being discovered every single day. Your thought processes are beyond that of your associate's because you are here because you know that for something to exist is has to be created.

We may share the same ideas and build on them to make them twice as good as what they were if only one of us had the idea. Ever thought of something and kick yourself by not jumping in the deep end by going out and pursuing it?

Contact me on Skype: daniel.carrington.williams if you would like to put your head together with mine and exact change in this world.

If this is against T&C in that I shouldn't include skype details just remove it and leave this intact and all innovation can be discussed here.

Thanks for your time.


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