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Where to begin?

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posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 12:00 AM
To the Moderator:
I really don't know where to stick this properly. It DOES touch on NWO, Social issues, General conspiracy theories and etc. If it if does not fit here in your opinion, please move it to the appropriate sub. Thanks

I don't know what to think any more.

I would like to believe that all I read and hear about is simply a fairy tale or some scifi short story. But so much of the information available seems to be able to be coroborated by simply searching out the sources. Folks like AJ come across with a powerful emotional persuasion that can definitely get the blood pressure up, but if you weed through the drama ( I will only say that I believe him to be PASSIONATE), then you see that most of what he says is verifiable. I am beginning to trust the content of the reports.

If I assume that if all that we can sort of ferret out seems to be true, then I really believe that hell is coming to us all from many different sides. There will be war here at home and my biggest fear is that it will play into the hands of the globalists when we end up at war "brother against brother" style. This would be the worst possible thing that we could do. If we give in to all the rhetoric and propaganda that is displayed against us, because we are so trained to accept what comes in over the idiot boxes both video with sound and by sound, it really seems that only chaos can ensure since none of us will know who to trust anywhere in this nation, except for in small groups.

I am not your enemy and I hope that you are not mine. What is of utmost importance is that if we need to clean the muskets and sharpen the sabers, then these same weapons must be turned toward those who have created the problem and not those simple people who are not intelligent enough to see that they are being played. It is the leadership of the global project that must be dispatched, completely. As their "schemes of injustice" ( words of the founders) would offer us no quarter other than annihilation, then they must granted the same.

I wonder about policemen and women all across this country. How many of them could possibly be so naive as to believe that to play with this new master, wresting control of nearly everything, will have a positive outcome, or that in the end, when the tyrant is finished with them, that they will not be annihilated as well? Betrayal IS the name of that game. You need to protect US, the people, as side with us with every fiber of your being, as we are simply you. Together, we can organize for the common defense. (the mission of the well regulated militia) The unregulated militia, i.e.: all the rest of us are expected to augment the well regulated militia when the Republic is threatened. OR if the police or military become the willing dupe of a usurper, then the duty switches to fighting such political force to defeat, or to a stand still. These are the words of our founders.

I wonder about military people. I KNOW that if something ugly were forced on us, that there would be a split of chasm proportion, that simply plays into the hands of those bent on destroying what is left of our once great republic. I am skeptical of general grade brown nosers who throw their oath out the window, in favor of the money, as they too are the enemies of our sovereignty.

If these agendas keep pushing, the brave will show themselves and willing sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Can you not envision the martyrs that will arise from confiscation day? Is it not possible that small groups of fearless men can band together without fear of discovery or betrayal by a member and ambush a TSA/Army or whathaveyou check point that harrasses and "arrests" common innocent civilians simply going to visit a friend or relative in another state or town? It is no one's business where anyone else might be going.

Can you not envision these same groups attacking FEMA camps and taking out those guards who would enslave and torture our friends, relatives and neighbors? Or how about bushwhacking those black uniformed masked terrorists that raid family farms in attempts to shut them down in favor of the poisons fed to us by GMO anti-humanist farm conglomerates?

If all of these sorts of things are true, then I do not see how anything but war can come of it. Of course we could all surrender and take our cyanide showers...

Our founding fathers knew the face of tyranny. They had just lived through it. We don't hardly recognise it's face. Yet we live in times not dissimilar to their times. Only this time the tyrants have had time to condition people to more and then more harsh treatment. Be VERY wary of anyone who says that those were measures for a different time and people, for those are the very people who plan your demise.

When I mention that it is the leadership that must be taken on, I think that the target list must be precise. The head of the globaists themselves must be the ones. There is no congressman, and it certainly isn't our president who gets no traction, yet all of the blame, who is directing any of it other than as a lackey, enthusiastic lackey or not, but it is those who squeeze them.

How could our government not understand that if they threw off the yoke of the master who directs them that the bulk of us would fill the military with enough people to utterly crush this phony global empire fecal plan? No trials, no nothing, just like what's in store for us. Simply kill them off and all who agree with them, secondly. Of course, this answer is not edifying. But to keep one's self from being eaten by the saber toothed tiger, one MUST kill the tiger.

Consider carefully. When the chaos comes, and it will come, we don't want to degrade into insanity where some one goes to the other side of town just to kill someone that they never really liked. Or do we? It CAN go that way. This is not what we need. We need to protect each other. Our alienation runs so deeply these days, that I don't know if we can properly connect ourselves any more.

I have only thrown this out to provoke some thinking about this. But it is what I sometimes think about. I do not like what I am thinking, but if all the CT stuff is manifesting itself as True, Big T, then we need to begin developing some counter tactics. DAMN I hate this!

Pray it just isn't true, but pull the head from the sand once in awhile to check the horizon.

posted on Dec, 28 2011 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by akalepos

So what will YOU do?

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