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Do We Deserve Freedom Or Should It Be Earned?

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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 11:44 PM
All spirits and souls are free and this is an absolute infinite eternal standard. Which is WHY IT TAKES SO LONG FOR UNIVERSES, WHICH ARE LIKE KINDERGARDENS TO PROGRESS. Though a kazillion years may have passed, barely a nano second on the other side outside the Universe perceptively did. And we are still free. If someone manhandles you and forces, they have only robbed themselves for they will be facing cosmic consequences and spend long time redoing this from their victims perspective feeling great shame and regret and having diminished the size of their souls, their consciousness. Apathy, meanness, losign love = soul regression. Souls can halfed unto infinity, or doubled unto infinity. Regression/progression the constant U-Turns until the souls finally get it right and learn Love and Equality.

But we're all free. And everything in this distorted dream school is illusion and tests.

If you force a shotgun marriage its highly illegal. I will never give you or anyone or any wanna be dicator my sovereignity. Can't take it from me. They can kill, imprison, and then face the consequences in the next life, but I, heart mind and soul will still be free.

And I won't stand under them either.
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posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 09:54 AM
I guess many do know what freedom means - to be free.

It is only instinctive, built in within us - the desire and longing to be free, free from worries and care, to soar into the skies, and to hibernate in caves for months, only awakened to fish for food, and admire another awesome sunrise over the majestic mountains......

Our ancestors were once like that....but unfortunately, there is often danger in Paradise, and it comes in many forms, some from nature, some from beastly nature within themselves...

And thus, our ancestors sought for civilisation, to live in peace and protection, to grow, and to evolve, by mutally agreeing to a set of rules and guidelines so that such aims can be realized, surrendering their full freedoms for shared responsibilities by all for security.

Once each and everyone of them agreed to it and followed it, they found it worked, and attained mastery over their dominion and became on top of the food chain, with still much of personal space and freedom intact when all acted responsibly. For better protection, they built walls and cities, farmed and traded, finally realizing their aims to progress and evolve.

But sadly, while nature could be tamed or adapted to, man's beastly nature was a much more difficult task, as the wars, deaths, stupidity, mismanagement of both human capital and resources throughout our civilisation had provened, due to greed and lust for power, and resulted in our enslavement through illusions of security that with our awakened eyes today, confront the realities of enforced debts, lack of opportunities, lack of shelters, lack of food, lack of reason and compassion, etc with many left far far behind, excused away with lame and insane reasons....

We this generation will have to return to our original ancestors' agreement. They were the first to comprehend what freedom truly means. Freedom is a power over others, BUT with power, comes responsibilities if we are to co-exist with our neighbours.

The 99% had done what they could, despite being only flawed beings, BUT it is the 1% that had failed in the social contract. They privatised profits, but socialized debts and wars, as they had done since the first agreement was yet dried under the sun,, by our ancestors back in the caves.

We still have that power of freedom today. It had never left us, for it is something none can take it away, just like our free will, unless we willingly give it up, and behave as irresponsibly as the 1% to others for the sake of survival at the 99% 's expense.

You are not alone. There are many. A time of reckoning will come...and soon, for each human to make a stand on his/her own free will, if not for himself.herself, it will be for the next innocent generations, just as our courageous ancestors had done for themselves and us throughout the course of civilisation each time humanity faltered.....

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