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Hate and The Unbreakable Chain of Revenge

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posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 07:53 PM
It's been a while since I've made a serious thread. It's a serious issue through which true peace can never be obtained. When people run the risk of love they also run the risk of hate.

"When a person takes up arms, they are trying to protect something. It may be their own life...their status...their honor...someone they love...something they believe it good or bad, there's no difference in their desire to protect."

You see, those we call "terrorist" and others are people who wanted to protect something they loved, even if it means killing people. Once blood has shed, you offend another person which may be family or friends. Those family and friends immediately want revenge hence the chain of revenge which is also a chain of hate.

We all love, but if that love is taken or harmed we become wroth. We want to take out our anger on those responsible and anyone who may stand in our way.

Society has tried to suppress this system of hate and revenge with the prison system. It works on a smaller scale to break a link in that chain of hate so nobody can get to the aggressor. Understand things aren't caged on a grand scale. War and "terror" are still at large.

When one country's leader or elitist are wroth they feel the need to express their feelings through war.. and nobody has the authority to even stand up to them. A life for a life is not right no matter how you look at it. It only leads to more hate and despair.

So the question.. How can we stop this? How can we obtain true peace? We have multiple wars and humans are even on the verge of another World War all due to their desire to protect that they love.. Can we just let people take their hate and lust for revenge out on entire countries?

To me this is a major problem in the real world. We as a human race are so stupid.. if we were endure our hate and lust for revenge and desired to convene properly and prosper.. life would be so much peaceful.

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by Mizzijr

Dear Mizzijr,

A very solid Opening Post, thanks, you should do it more often.

No, I don't have a solution to propose yet (maybe will find one in this thread), but allow me to offer another example which might make the problem a little clearer.

ATSers. By that I mean you can see the hatred and anger in people's hearts in several of the threads here. Religion, 9/11, UFO (I've heard), the Middle East, and others. It's become bad enough that you can see the saying "Haters gonna hate" all over.

By looking at the anger and revenge problem here, where we can see it and talk to the haters, maybe we can understand the problem more clearly.

With respect,


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