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I Would Like Your Opnion

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posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 03:11 AM
reply to post by EndGovtCorruption

Here is that thread and "Advisor's" comment just below mine about Big Brother. Good thread too, same subject you are bringing.

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 03:39 AM
reply to post by EndGovtCorruption

ok I just worked out some numbers.

ATS stats

the max weekly global was 10.6 million. mostly it was well below 8 million, but I will use 10.6 million.

I loaded a few pages with firebug on the bandwidth was around 400 to 450kb/page of which 350 to 400 kb was loaded from cache, in effect bandwidth used per page view was around 50kb.

but I am going to go with 400kb/page just to stay on the extreme edge, the actual used will be about 25 to 50% of the calculated.
page views for 30 days:
10.6/7*30= 45.43Million
bandwidth per 30 days =45.43*400kb =18,172million kb
=>18172Mkb/1024=> 17.8M Mb/1024=>17,330GB /1024=>16.92TB
25 to 50% of which would be 4.23 to 8.26TB
that is one place you can get server with 20TB for $99, but if I was to run such a site I would get the second one for $119/month 3.06Ghz dual core 4Gb ram.

So you can get a dedi for $99 to $119 to run such a site at its most possible extreme. and yeah the hardware comes with it.

so I suppose my guess was good enough. To add I really think If I was the SO I could run this on the named server or even a smaller server.

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 11:09 AM

Originally posted by EndGovtCorruption

That made me think.
Why would they do this where there is very little advertising on this site?( a pop up once in a while)
So I started searching for how this site is funded and I have come across numerous articles that claim this site is run by one Government agency or another with people posting trace routes back to the supposed Government servers ( I have traced and whoised and if they were in fact one time using something obvious they are not now, they use an anonymous host)

Very little advertising hmmm?

On the top of my screen there is an ad asking me to go to a bikini website that I am pretty sure will render my computer useless with the barrage of viruses it will probably put on.

Underneath the header for the links I have an ad asking me to buy some news and fancy truck

At the left side I have a dancing gnome asking me to join World Of Warcraft and play free to level 20

At the right side I have something asking me to adopt a virtual pet (dear god no more pets, please)

Below that I am being asked to join a college for an art degree

Go a little down and I have a picture of a YouTube video with some girl looking like she is about to undress

I'm not complaining, ATS has to make money somehow. It is just that there is a lot of advertisement on this website, at least for me. I'm not sure if it is different from person to person though.

posted on Dec, 20 2011 @ 02:08 PM
Seems to me your questions are rhetorical. You already have your opinions of each question. Now you appear to be arguing with people who give ansers you don't like. You appear to be taking issue with quite a number of ATS policies and also appear to be accusing it of being government-run, not something you approve of, of course. So let me answer a couple of your questions, real or implied:

1. What is/should be the job of a moderator?

To do what ATS ownership wants them to do. That's it. It has nothing to do with what you or anyone else thinks they ought to do. None of us controls the show. Moderators are independent unpaid operators and, as I have often said, moderation at times can be somewhat erratic. I'm sure we've all seen some moderation that we don't agree with. I'm always a bit amazed to see a post with a dozen stars get modded as off topic. Obviously the membership approved of what was said. That kind of "override" has me puzzled and makes me curious as to what was said. Some mods come across as being officious, but they may simply believe they are being succinct. But, on the whole, I think the moderation system works well.

So, you see that there is more than one thread on a topic, therefore mods "aren't doing their job!" Meh? All things being equal, that's probably the least of anyone's worries. People don't do that intentionally. They are not trying to be evil. Given someone posting an obscenity laced rant against another member versus a duplicate thread, I personally would prefer mods go after the former. They may be rather thinly dispersed and the fact is, we don't know how many they catch before we even see them. Give them a break. Does a duplicate thread harm you? Probably not. You can live with it if you try.

2. I thought ATS was against censorship of any kind.

Then you weren't paying attention. ATS, as a private site, can set the rules it wants. Your "first amendment rights" don't apply here. The first amendment is between the government and citizens in public places. That's all.

3. Why won't they allow drug discussions?

Mostly because they are, by and large, illegal. ATS wants to be "family friendly" so lots of stuff is out of bounds, such as obscenity and pornography--and druge. The real point, however, is that they don't need to have a reason that is acceptable to you. They don't have to have a reason at all. They can "just say No" and that's the end of it. It's a well known restriction that has been explained many, many times. Time to move on from this subject. Get over it.

4. But they allow you to post directions to make a pipe gun!

So? The thing you're not getting is that you are not the judge here, except insofar as you choose to be here or not. Pointing out what you think is an "inconsistency" in ATS reasoning is irrelevant. They don't think like you do. And since they are the ones paying for the site, they get to choose the rules. Proclaiming that ATS is "unfair" is simply a child's way of saying, "I don't agree." The answer to that is, "So?" Any parent recognizes the "unfair" ploy. It's just a kid's way of manipulation to get what he wants.

5. Is ATS a government-run disinformation site?

No. Of course some people think so anyway. I suppose they are entitled to their delusions. After all, as a conspiracy site everything is nefarious. If you are REALLY worried about this, the last thing you should do is post here. THEY know who you are and now you're in the database. It's just a matter of time before they come for you.

6. There are disinfomation agents on this site!

Unlikely. ATS members spread disinformation very well all by themselves. You don't really need "disinformation agents" because the clear majority of stuff posted on ATS is already disinformation. It's not INTENTIONAL disinformation, but the fact is most of the conspiracies discussed here are not conspiracies at all. They simply reflect the overactive imaginations of people who see conspiracies everywhere. These people live for conspiracies and would be very disappointed if there weren't any. Life wouldn't be nearly as fun. It's a bit of a game, you see, like immersing yourself in WoW.

The bottom line is this: You don't pay for this site. You use it for free. Although you are free to make suggestions, you have no say in how the site is run or what the rules are. You have only one option: Stay or leave. Nobody cares one way or another. If you stay you may get some feedback on your thoughts, such as here. If you contribute in a positive way, you will likely get more positive feedback. If those sorts of kudos float your boat you may be inclined to post some more. If you leave, very likely you will not be missed.

It's a cruel world.

posted on Dec, 22 2011 @ 08:43 PM
I have been coming here for maybe a year or a little less. When I first started it was very informative and well documented. People used links and included lots of facts. Now they just kind of think out loud or post musings. It's definitely gone down. But there is still some good things here.

posted on Dec, 24 2011 @ 03:46 AM
reply to post by Hillarie

I agree, it has become more like a chat room than a conspiracy theorist web site. thanks for the response, I skipped a few other responses by a couple idiots here that missed the whole point of the post. I am going to save flaming them for a few days when I have the time

posted on Dec, 24 2011 @ 01:07 PM

Originally posted by Hillarie
I have been coming here for maybe a year or a little less. When I first started it was very informative and well documented. People used links and included lots of facts. Now they just kind of think out loud or post musings. It's definitely gone down. But there is still some good things here.

This place has had cycles like these for years, it turns this way and then after some time goes back to being informative.
My personal opinion is that its due to school being out.

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