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Dear ATS Santa

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posted on Dec, 19 2011 @ 10:46 AM
Dear ATS Santa,

I hope this finds you and Mrs. Claus healthy and happy, as well as all the reindeer and workshop elves. I don't say thank you enough for all you do other than at Christmas, but I do appreciate all of you, and will be raising a glass in your honour and sending cheers your way during this holiday.

I know that the exciting time is nearing. I am getting all excited too and feeling like a child again! So in that youthful spirit, I can say I have tried to be good all year, Santa, (fingers crossed as I type) and although I hate to point selfishly to myself for a gift request, I do have a real request to make. It's one that many others would probably love to have as well, so in that sense, please consider it? Because I really really, realllllly want it, ATS Santa.

I have absolutely no idea of what this would entail in terms of your resources, but it's apparent you run a capable and creative workshop. There is an example of what I want online, and I'll provide the link at the end of my letter, Santa. But here is a description: What I would like is an ATS taskbar icon, a launch thingamajiggy in my lexicon, that with a mouseover gives a site description with a left click connects to the site, and with a rightclick lists and connects to the top items, its (badly-named) 'tasks' identifies the various site sections with direct links. It has the in-private browsing prompt and of course, can be easily unpinned. Maybe your ATS elves could check it out and use it as a model or inspiration? Of course I really don't know what secretive type of icon that those who sneak on the site from work would actually like, haha, but I'm sure they can conspire together, um, consult and let you know.

If you go to the following link and glance towards the bottom left, there's an innocuous transparent invitation to pin the icon to your taskbar. Once pinned, you'll see the mouseover, left and right click functions. I'd like mine to connect to the various firehoses and feed as well as well as to some site stuff and threads. Please won't you consider having your workshop put it together and deliver it under my tree?

Thanks so much in advance, Santa. I'll leave out some some Irish Cream and cookies.



example of what I'd like under my tree

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