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False World

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posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 06:48 PM
What goes on behind the scenes is what I'm getting at.

If the world is a program running, then it is a false world. If everything you're doing is by a program running you, then you are a false individual. You haven't thought of that, have you? None of you know the programmer of yourselves. Everything that happens may be programmed to happen. The question is: how much time passes after a program is programmed in? Is the programmer programming in real time? If so, then moreso the world is a puppetry with someone with more than enough arms and hands and fingers pulling the dynamical strings so to speak.

So which is the world? Program or puppetry?

Nonetheless it is my conclusion, after what in all suspicious I've noticed concerning people, that the world is a false world, with maybe only a few genuine individuals in it, whether the world be a program being programmed constantly enough or a puppetry being worked in real time. I'm leaning toward it being a puppetry-based false world.

If the world is a program running or a puppetry in progress, then it is a false world where false seers rise and shew great signs and wonders to try to decieve the few genuine individuals. It's a quality thing of a few up against a quantity thing of many. I'm meaning the few are genuine individuals, but the many are false individuals that are nothing more than puppetry in progress.

When will the puppet master(s) stop this wicked puppetry sideshow already? One drawing to the Nostradamus lost book I noticed does really paint a perfect picture of the world for the most part being a work of puppetry. I think you all know which drawing I'm referring to.

Anyway, topics that make you think.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 06:51 PM
Hello my metaphysical brother, there's nothing to worry about with the puppet masters; karma is a protocol every being with consciousness has to face in each lifetime. Everything serves its purpose in this dream world we collectively experience. We are one consciousness, and both time and pain is a mere illusion bro
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