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What has OWS done so far?

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posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 05:07 PM
there is alot of celebrating going on that Occupy has failed to achive change,

i want to adress this miss conception.
the reason to piecefully physically occupy spaces and parks and lands around america, were NOT just to occupy a space.
it was to show intent, it was to show a pieceful self assembly of the people by the people would create a forum for debate and inclusion in decition making. it was to form bonds and aligences between people who beleive that the world can be better.

it was to spread a method of inclusion in society and politics and the direction that the people decide is where THEY wanted to go.

in Occupy wall st a new way of being INCLUDED in change, being a part of change, with a system that expresses ALL are equal, and ALL can make a difference.

the idea that a pieceful self assembly of the people enshirined in the constitution was in effect to occupy,
the idea that a redress of greviences would follow that self assembly

when a co-ordinated federal responce was leveled at OWS, the right to piecefully assemble and the right to redress was challenged with force, by a federal decree.

the interesting thing is, that self assembly by the people for the people in many many states across the nation, being disrupted by the federal govenment has broken a law.

when people hear that they are equal and not judged on the amount of money they have, it feels democractic to them, and they like it.

when people have a say in what needs to be done and how to achive that aim, they like it.

people think that because most encampments have been evicted that there is no more injustice,
OWS and all groups like it have brought together one thought,

why arent we all equal and what would it look like if we were.

1. provide a system where pieceful protest is possable
2. provide a system where every person is equal
3. provide a forum and debate system where ALL may speak
4. provide a community where ALL (pieceful) people are included
5. provide a mecanism for the collection of grevences and remedies by ALL
6. provide a voice for the self assembled people

what has this inclusive system accomplished?

1. the ability to work together for a better world for all
2. the ability to orginize (at the social level) democracy between groups
3. the ability to help others that are in the same position and offer support
4. the ability for an individual to engage and support others in life
5. education of topics and economics and systems used against the 99%
6. a co-ordinated contry wide effort to bring about a better world
7. draft legislation created for the people
8. a shift in debate at the presidential level
9. closer scutiny of representitives and insider trading and corruption
10. recognition of the nature of banks and wall street in politics

With encampments being closed across the country it is important to remember the end goal is not to occupy public space, it is to end corporate rule. We seek to replace the rule of money with the rule of people. Occupying is a tactic but the grand strategy of the Occupy Movement is to weaken the pillars that hold the corporate-government in place by educating, organizing and mobilizing people into an independent political force.

The occupations of public space have already done a great deal to lift the veil of lies. People are now more aware than ever that the wealth divide is caused by a rigged economic system of crony capitalism and that we can create a fair economy that works for all Americans. We are also aware that many of our fellow citizens are ready to take action – extreme action of sleeping outside in the cold in a public park. And, we also now know that we have the power to shift the debate and force the economic and political elites to listen to us. In just a few months we have made a difference.

Occupying public space involves a lot of resources and energy that could be spent educating, organizing and mobilizing people in much greater numbers. There is a lot to do to end corporate rule and the challenges of occupying public space can divert our attention and resources from other responsibilities we have as a movement.


the graffic crack downs on the occupy movement at a federal level shows there is something that govenemnts around the world fear,

the govenment fears an orginized, educated people self assembling to make things better, this is what OWS has already achived, and in only three and a half months.

can you imagine that the police and federal agencies have only made the orginized more determined, and the apathetic more supportive.

in the short term,

What to do next? The Occupy Movement needs to bring participatory democracy to communities. Occupiers should develop an aggressive organizing plan for their city. Divide the city and appoint people to be responsible for different areas of the city. Depending on how many people you have make these areas as small as possible. Develop plans for house-to-house campaigns where you knock on doors, provide literature, ask what you can do to make their lives better. Do they need snow removed? Clothes? If so, get the occupy team to fulfill their needs, find used clothes, clean their yard – whatever you can do to help. This shows community and builds relationships.

same link

and longer term,

Plan public General Assemblies in communities across the city. Teach people the General Assembly process, the hand signals, how to stack speakers, how to listen and reach consensus. Learn the local issues. Solve local problems. Again, build a community that works together to solve problems.

Let people know about the National Occupation of Washington DC (NOW DC), the American Spring beginning on March 30th. Organize people to come, share rides, hire buses, walk, ride a bike – get people to the nation’s capital to show the united force of the people against the rule of money. This will be an opportunity to display our solidarity and demand that the people, not money, rule.

same link

so occupiers have gainned the worlds attension, we are watching now and support the pieceful nature of your cause, and the support is world wide.

what is needed now is only good weather and good will.
the message is now being filtered throughout the comunity,
there is a better future than letting the banks bankrupt you

you are the future make it yours.


posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 05:58 PM
Occupy has achieved more then people know or care to look at.. Look at it like a battle and not the war.
Revolution doesnt happen over night, I dont think anyone expected this to solve all the problems but I will tell you what it has accomplished.
Occupy has woken up hundreds of thousands of people, this is the most important part. These numbers will keep growing and help further down the track. Because these issues have not gone away, we will continue to fight even if it is further down the track.
Occupy have shown that the people are ready to stand up and can resist authority. Although we did not fight authority we showed we are not scared. The people are the strongest weapon in the world and the 1% know that this isnt going to go away.
Do you people think that any revolution has happened over night? A lot of our population is brainwashed and ignorant to an amazing level so it will take some time.

Just wait until the economy collapses or we go to a pointless war and then see how many people support our cause.
The fight is not over

People who support the issues that occupy is against are ignorant and do not deserve to live because they support billions living in poverty amoung thousands of other injustices.

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 06:11 PM
I agree with you. Good post. S&F

I just wanted to point out a spelling error that you repeated.

Not a big mistake and really it's unimportant but it was bugging me.

The correct spelling is " Peaceful " Protest not pieceful

Just for your future reference

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 06:19 PM
reply to post by XPLodER

there is alot of celebrating going on that Occupy has failed to achive change

I don't think anyone is celebrating that. I think everyone agrees that things need to change, many just disagreed with the methods to bring about such change.

The correct spelling is " Peaceful " Protest not pieceful

The spelling was painful but when that happens I just figure someone is not a native English speaker.
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posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 06:26 PM
OWS has oppened a lot of mainstream eyes to the topics we discuss here on ATS.

Here is a little video I made to help:

ATS is one of the most awake and aware places I know... other than your home-town OWS.

The MSM is controled, so we become the real media. Truth is stronger than lies.
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posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 06:33 PM
I think they've done a lot in the short time they've been around. I may be passionate about it, maybe even overly so but even if I wasn't I don't think I would understand the extreme negativity towards Occupy.

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 07:22 PM
I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA about 20 minutes North of Oakland. As I sit here and type this post I'm watching Occupy Oakland protesters on the news. They have essentially shut down the Port of Oakland and closed down an on ramp section of the freeway.

These types of organized protest will continue to keep the issues in the news and help to inspire the next phase of the occupy movement. I still feel that creating a new third party political platform would be a good way to continue the efforts.

Unfortunately most of the OWS website organizers reject the idea of taking up any political position. Perhaps it would benefit the Occupy movement to help organize and create legislation then Lobby the House and the Senate and pass some new Bills in Congress based on the ideas and concerns of the movement.

There doesn't have to be politicians representing the Occupy movement but we need to take the opportunity to utilize the awareness that Occupy has created. I will say it once again people.... It's time to Occupy the Voting Booth

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 07:31 PM
reply to post by pianopraze

Nice work Piano. Good job

It's been awhile since I last saw you. Good to see you my friend

Have you made any other videos like this one or other topics recently?.

posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by MathiasAndrew

there is already a massive effort to watch the politicians,
when and how they vote now will seal their fate later.
the indifinate detension bill was used as a guage to see who is acually the problem.
we now know who are bought.

accross the country at the county state and local levels bills and legislation are being debated and scripted.
i realise that the TEA PARTY has entered office and found even their leaders have voted against america on the indifinate detension bill.

what would stop the same thing happening to a OWS representitive?
IMHO we need to keep doing what we are doing....
except plan for massive education and demonstration,

hell 63% of americans according to gullop is against big govenment

there are many more thinngs in the works


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