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Don't forget...

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posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 11:05 PM
This is just a reminder, and some questions that maybe can't be answered. Do you remember all of these? Do you know what happened afterwards? Were there any repercussions? Did there need to be? What are your thoughts regarding the following articles/videos? I know these have been on here before, but, why is it a bad thing to keep these in our minds?

Hillary Clinton calls historic meeting of ambassadors.

What was this all about?

Dick Cheney admits to giving the order to shoot down flight 93.

Did he really? Or a slip up?

Rumsfeld admits flight 93 shot down. Did he really? Are we being conned and these idiots are slipping up?

After Osama was “killed”, nearly two dozen members of seal team six die. How do we know? Were they murdered to protect the gov't secrets or did the gov't fake their deaths to protect them?


U.S. Aides Believe China Examined Stealth Copter.

Did China actually get their hands on this? Why are we still allies with Pakistan then?

Just a few of the things that were rattling around my brain...let me know the answers if you have them. Also, feel free to add!


posted on Dec, 12 2011 @ 02:34 AM
reply to post by superman2012

The Wikileaks affair really rocked the US as it divulged the cables from its ambassadors with some pretty unflattering revelations about this and that. I think they had to have a major regroup, re-evaluation, damage control meeting.

As for Pakistan, the US pulled all its personnel from its Pakistan base, abandoning it. click here The US supply route to Afghanistan goes through Pakistan, simple as that, so unless they pull out of there completely, they have to try to remain friends, even though Pakistan seems to really despise the US.

I'd better stop there while I am still in a good mood.


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