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Interconnection - Chapter 5: The Human Machine

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posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 03:38 PM
Initializing QSP Engine ... done
Load example/fire_alarm.sgl ... done
Constructing signal from SGL file ... done
Transmitting signal (strength: ultra weak) ...

The sound was every bit as detailed as the real thing. The loud whirl of the fire alarm seemed to echo around the room and penetrate through my head. This is nothing like wearing headphones. The difference is clearly noticeable. There's no way to tell this apart from the real thing. It absolutely mind blowing, this technology is like nothing else I've ever experienced in my life, and I'm only just getting started with it. The possibilities are endless.

Initializing QSP Engine ... done
Load example/fire_smoke.sgl ... done
Constructing signal from SGL file ... done
Transmitting signal (strength: ultra weak) ...

I am almost tempted to search my house for a fire. I can smell the smoke, but I can't see it. I can't help but think this is starting to blur the lines of reality. When I start making visual alterations within my consciousness, those lines between reality and imagination will be even further blurred. I feel like I should stop myself here, and throw away everything I've learned. This seems like too much.

It's too bad that my curiosity always gets the best of me. There's no way I'm going to stop now. I can handle this knowledge, but can Humanity handle it. I just need more time to think about whether or not technology like this should be disclosed to the public. I never expected to find something like this. I swore to myself I would release what ever I found to the public, now I'm honestly thinking about keeping it to myself.

Day 131. It was one of the most difficult things I have done so far, but finally I have figured out how to encode visual images into the format required for the WAHC signals. It really is true, Humans are nothing but an extremely complex electrical machines. Any machine can be hacked, and hacking is what I do best. I discovered that the smoke alarm/smell example signals were made to target different parts of the brain.

By interfering with signals sent to the visual cortex I was able to achieve a state of augmented reality, where I could see my computer screen inside my mind. It's hard to describe, but it's like a video game where you have the health bar 'overlayed' on the screen. By strapping a phone to my head and programming it to receive my thoughts and transmit them to my PC, I am also able to control the mouse and keyboard on the screen. I will be referring to the receiving/interpretation tech as 'WIHC' technology - Wireless Interception of Human Consciousness.

"I'm home hun." Sarah shouts as she walks in the door.
"Hi sweety. How was your day?" I ask while trying to hide my nervousness.
"That's weird, I thought I just saw your computer screen before I even walked around the corner. Did you have it projected onto he wall or something?" Sarah questions while looking around.
"I think you're just seeing things. I told you to stop smoking those joints." I reply in a sarcastic tone.
"Oh what ever. What do you do with that super-computer anyway? And why have you got a cell phone strapped to your head huh? You better not be running any weird experiments around here." Sarah complains with a stern tone.
"The phone on my head? Oh, it's just a stupid thing I was doing to waste time. And the super-computer is useful for all sorts of thins, it helps with very complex mathematics problems and --" I'm suddenly cut off.
"Fine, as long as it makes you happy. Just promise me you wont do anything dangerous." Sarah begs.
"I like to live life on the edge baby." I say in a joking tone.
"I'm serious ok, just be careful." She finishes and walks away.

That was way too close. I can not afford to have Sarah walking in on one of my experiments and experiencing an altered reality again. I should really be more careful. The phone I have strapped to my head is simply used to receive and re-transmit my thoughts to the wifi-card in my PC. However, I'm receiving the visual imagery (augmented reality) from a signal sent by the wifi-card in my PC.

It works well but the signal emitted by the wifi-card has a reasonable range and has the ability to affect Sarah. I could always strap another phone to my head and use it to emit a weak signal close to my head. I could send another encrypted signal from the wifi-card card in the PC to the second phone, that phone will decrypt the signal and emit a weak signal right near my head. Or better yet, I could design a compact custom made device that combines the functions of both phones into one unit.

My bitcoin mining botnet is still crunching numbers, and my stash of Bitcoins is starting to grow rather large once again. My next expenditure will be purchasing the electronic equipment required to construct the small devices designed to combine the functions of both phones into one small unit. Hopefully I can make it small enough to fit inside my ear or behind my ear. That way Sarah wont wonder why I'm always strapping phones to my head.

My curiosity is also tempting me to take these experiments to the next level. I'm thinking about sharing this technology with TheDoctor so that we can experiment with 'telepathic' conversations powered by WAHC and WIHC technology. If the WIHC technology can read my thoughts and trigger any key I think about on the keyboard, it certainly can convert the words I think about into sound and send them into the mind of TheDoctor.

In fact even mainstream scientists are starting to make great advances in this field. There was recently an experiment done where they would get people to look at an image and they could use a specially designed algorithm to interpret their brain waves and construct an image from nothing but the wireless signals emitted from their brain. That is exactly what is happening with the WIHC technology.

The WAHC tech is much more complex and outside the arena of mainstream science. It's the technology I'm not so sure the world is even ready for. It represents the ability to alter the mind of any body, from a distance, wirelessly, with little effort, using simple hardware. Obviously the software isn't easy to get hold of now, but once you have it, the process can even be automated.

posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 03:41 PM
Day 140. Behold, I always knew that Ying and Yang would save us. There are indeed mechanisms that can provide some sort of defense against malicious use of this technology. WAHC tech can't be suppressed forever, it's just not possible. Humans must advance or die, there's no other choice. The Internet can be a very dangerous place, if you don't have adequate protection you might experience a worste case scenario: your bank account gets emptied, your PC gets blown up, etc.

Now I have developed a way to protect my own consciousness from malicious attacks that use WAHC tech. When WAHC technology eventually becomes a part of every day society, there will be bad people using it for the wrong reasons. In fact there probably already are people like that, and I intend to hunt them down. I expect a response from these people, and I can protect myself using this defense mechanism that I've developed. The concept is quite simple really, and should be very effective.

Using my wifi-card to handle the WAHC and WIHC signals means that I'm not using my wireless router for anything other than my normal internet connection, and it's capable of handling many more signals. It can probably emit a stronger signal than all my other wireless devices. The router can be used to listen for 'malicious signals' and emit signals with waveforms that cause deconstructive interference and cancel out the attack signal.

By scanning the natural ambient electromagnetic radiation in the vicinity, the router should be able to detect any foreign signals that are directed towards our house and emit a defensive signal. Most wireless devices could be used in this way if programmed properly. The router is just the most suitable choice to use as a defensive device in my situation. I expect to have this defensive measure set up within 24 hours.

Adam [11:11] - Hey dude what would you say if I told you I was working on a device that would protect my mind from unsolicited alteration via means of the technology we discussed earlier.
TheDoctor [11:12] - Why do you always message me at 11:11? And why do you always ask me dumb questions? If you were building such a device it would imply the technology we discussed earlier was real.
Adam [11:12] - What would you say if I told you it was real?
TheDoctor [11:12] - What would you say if I told you that you're an idiot?
Adam [11:12] - Oh come on now. That's no way to treat the guy who's about to tell you about the most important technology ever discovered by man.
TheDoctor [11:13] - Well if you must keep rambling about it then just tell me.
Adam [11:13] - Well actually I've pretty much told you already. You know what you said about augmented reality? I have actually achieved it.
TheDoctor [11:13] - So you're telling me that you can insert images into your mind using electromagnetic waves?
Adam [11:13] - Not only images, but smells, sounds and possibly tastes and physical feelings, but I haven't achieved the latter two yet. That's where you come in. Together we will achieve the wireless telepathic conversations you've always dreamed of.
TheDoctor [11:14] - Man this sounds absolutely insane. If you seriously have this technology you are one crazy mofo in my books, and I like it. Damn straight I will help you out.
Adam [11:14] - That's what I was hoping to hear my friend. I assume you have a wireless router and a separate wifi-card in your computer?
TheDoctor [11:14] - I have a laptop with a wifi-card in it. And I have a wireless router.
Adam [11:15] - Perfect. I'll write you an email with some special software attached to it. The email will also contain instructions for using the software. The text and the software will be encrypted. You know the password.
TheDoctor [11:15] - So it's just some software? Don't I need any sort of special hardware?
Adam [11:15] - No, it's possible to use cell phones, your wifi-card, and your router to achieve everything that you need. However, since I'm trusting you with this info, you should trust me with your postal address so that I can send you one small piece of special hardware.
TheDoctor [11:15] - Sure, I guess. 1776 Jacksun Rd, Bayworm, UK. What are you sending me anyway?
Adam [11:16] - I'm sending you a small device that I've built. I have one too. It basically allows you to experience altered reality without much chance of affecting anyone in the area. You place it behind your ear and it transmits wireless signals into your head, as well as reading your mind and transmitting your thoughts to your PC. The email will explain everything in detail.

I know TheDoctor doesn't really believe me yet, but he will once he receives my email and follows my instructions. I just hope he doesn't freak out once he knows it's real and back out from our plan. He already knows too much to get out of this now. A few days ago I finished building several small compact units that can fit behind our ears, my hair is fairly long so it's hard to notice. TheDoctor shall receive his unit shortly.

posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 03:43 PM
NOTICE: Do not copy my ideas and make any part of this story into a novel, movie, or any other type of commercial/profitable venture without my explicit written permission. You may contact me via PM on this message board if you have any questions. Thank you.

posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 05:04 PM

I read the 4th one, So I went back to read all of them. Very nice. Very very nice. Props.

posted on Dec, 11 2011 @ 01:29 AM

Originally posted by Mythfury

I read the 4th one, So I went back to read all of them. Very nice. Very very nice. Props.
Glad to see you liked it.

I like the upside down pyramid in your avatar.

posted on Dec, 30 2011 @ 10:08 PM
Katie's name changed to Sarah?


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