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Strange De La Rue invovled in printing over 150 countries currency notes any have a theory why?

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posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 06:04 AM
Here is a link to these guys I found them while tracking down a rumor that they were printing Deutschmarks for the German Government in the worse case scenario Euro crash & burn De La Rue

Why would nation like the west have outside contractor printing their money is take not risky.

Yet they claim on their own site to be doing this for over 150 nations this is insane.......

Do any on here know why this is??

Peace & hope

posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 06:15 AM

De La Rue Currency provides market-leading banknote paper, printed banknotes and an unparalleled portfolio of banknote security features, including cylinder mould watermarks, security threads, a wide range of printed features and sophisticated optically-variable devices. We work in partnership with our customers, offering associated services in currency management, counterfeit analysis and training, public education, technology partnerships, and design and origination.
reply to post by smokingman2006

They are just a company printing money, as sub contractors.

I do not see a conspiracy here. The countries in question might not have the ability to print their own money, or just choose to sub contract.


posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 06:18 AM
the Euro Zone not have the ability to print its own money no wonder we in trouble

posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 06:34 AM
Can i print money too?
pwetty pweaze ._.

Anyways, at this rate i should collect bottle caps insted.

posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 07:57 AM
no conspiracy?
the powers that be will be in controle of them.
so they can flood the world with Exstra money.
and devalue the currency of any counrtie.

this would make it so easy for Them.
I can not belive 150 counrties trust them.
No wonder Europe and others are going bankrupt.

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posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 04:21 PM
No conspiricy at all. DLR have the specialised equipment and testing facilities to print all types of secure documents, including cheques, bonds, stamps and playing cards (I kid you not) which they have been doing for a long time.

Most of this printing is done in highly secure conditions.

There are other companies, but DLR is the biggest and are thus in a position to employ the latest state of the art security printing methods.

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