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Call of the Void

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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 12:38 AM
The wind blowing through my hair. Sunlight slanting crazily thru the trees. I toe the end of the precipice. Picking up a stone I bounce it in my hand, one time, two times. I get the feel of its weight in my palm. I slowly draw back and release. My eyes track its path as it falls to the water far below me. I hear a distant splash almost to feint to register. I search for its landing sight.

Finally catching the feint ripples far below me. In the distance I hear the song of a bird. Taking a deep breath I steal myself to the edge of the cliff. Far below me I see the water. Small waves breaking its mirrored surface.
The pungent odor of the water permeates my nostrils.

Gamely I stick my toe over the edge. Then the feeling begins. I feel it slowly beginning, a rumbling deep inside my chest. A restless energy building up like a summer storm. The energy surging within me. It spreads like a warm sensation.

I look out into the void that separates myself from the deep blue so far below me. Even though I look around me I no longer see through my own eyes. Through eyes wide open I am blind.

Stepping close both feet hang out into open space. My eyes close, my arms reach skyward. I give into this inescapable urge to leap off the cliff edge. The power in me flowing thru me like a wild predator. Only once it has consumed me will it sleep once again.

I feel the power reaching for its climax. I must step back from the cliff edge before it consumes me and my body stops. No longer heeding the warning of my brain. It is do or die time. If I allow this caged animal out it will toss me into the void before me.

A deep breath, the chains that bind me break free. My muscle's tense one final time and I piston up and out. All the heaven in silence as my feet propel me out into the void.

My vision returning. An amazing view before me. I turn my head the cliff receding from my view. The sound of the void calling my name, welcoming me into its embrace...

My hands falling to my sides I step back from the cliffs edge. My breath returning in quick deep gasps. The animal caged again howling its anger. Slowly the warmth recedes from my body. The energy contracting back into my core.

Exhausted I make my way back up the trail. Once again I have fought my back from the brink. I take one final look at the cliff edge and I see her L’appel du vide calling for me.

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 01:45 AM
Love the detail in your writing. I pictured it exactly, felt connected. I assure you, I'm not a reader, but I enjoyed this.

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