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Homeless Evicted along side with the Homeless.

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posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 07:04 PM
I didn't see this posted. I also was curious, about the truly homeless. What effect the OWS campers were having on the homeless.
It's a shame that these OWS people invade the parks, which happen to be the homes of some of the TRULY less fortunate, and they # up the place.

The Homeless really have no where to go. They live in these parks.
These Occupy Movement People roll in, from their HOMES (Apartments, Houses) and they trash the place.

NOW when the filthy Occupy crowds get evicted chances are homeless are evicted along with them.

The Homeless people do not a home to run back to.

They did not choose to leave their apartments to basically camp out....and in some places "HAVE FUN".

This guy should not have to lecture OWS, on why they need to be clean.

It's truly a shame the Homeless have to suffer because these people want to be DIRTY...
These people are not Fox News implants, like what OWS claims everyone who disagrees with them are...

The above video is a little old the guy did predict what happened. Occupy Camps around the country are still being evicted, among them are the truly homeless.

It's really sad.
I respect the guy in the video more then any of the OWS protesters.

I think he hit the nail on the head a good portion of OWS are Freeloaders.

A good portion of America agrees with the guy.
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