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The Global Banking System: Descensus in Cuniculi Cavum (Part 2, "Secret Alliances")

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posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 12:57 PM
Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to part 2 of my series “The Global Banking System: Descensus in Cuniculi Cavum”. In this installment I will cover "Secret Alliances". If you have missed Part 1 “Less Than Humble Beginnings” you can find it here:

Before I begin, I would like to ask a favor. In the next paragraph is the name of a very controversial Conspiracy Theorist. My favor is that you continue reading past the name, as I am sure that some people, when seeing this name, automatically click out. There is an explanation of why his information is brought up.


I began to research this information some time ago, but recently found some other information that gave a new perspective to how the pieces of the puzzle came together. As outlandish as they sounded and the fact that they were written by David Icke, I decided to take his research and look at the sources for myself. Apparently, he took his information from the Sumerian Texts, also known as the Epic of Gilgamesh, so I went and found the English translations using Google Scholar in order to get the most accurate translations possible on line. As it turns out, the Epic of Gilgamesh is an epic poem written in, about 1800B.C. Sumeria and as a poem is seen by scholars as Mythology. As most mythologies are oral stories based on actual events(ie some verifiable events) that have been embellished upon.

I began to research these actual events in order to see if more puzzle pieces could be added to the picture I had already put together. After doing so, I found that Mr. Icke was close but still had not cleaned out all of the mythology from his findings. His reasons are speculation. The following is what I found, combined with my original research.

I would like to interject here for a simple disclaimer:
    The Use of Encompassing Titles, ie; Christians, the Church, Jews, Muslims, Freemasons , Do Not(in most cases) include followers only the hierarchies. And Their creation refers to their organization into “Organizations”.



Amen, meaning “hidden”, was the main deity of the city of Thebes(Karnak and Luxor) from Pre-Dynastic Egypt and was seen as the creation Deity by the priests of Hemopolis. He was depicted as ram-headed, more specifically a woolly ram with curved horns. When the Thebians established their sovereignty in Egypt during the Middle Kingdom, Amen became a dominant deity and by the 8th Dynasty he had became the king of the gods. His name was spelled, at this time, in different ways, for example Amen, Amon, Amun, Ammon, Amoun and Imen. By the the 11th Dynasty his name was settled on the spelling of Amun and in the 18th dynasty he had been merged with Ra, thus, Amun-Ra, making him half man and half ram. Later he was associated with Horus and was shown as half man and half Hawk which he is better known today, but I digress.

The priests of Amun-Ra, known as the Amun Priesthood(A.P.) began to gain strength and power and in the early 18th dynasty of Egypt and had amassed great wealth by charging for the use of its oracle from both the Pharaoh and the people. This wealth included land, other than the Temple areas. The belief of Amun-Ra included the aspects of the Sun but also the aspects of the Moon god, Sin, and the underworld which was guarded by the 7 children of the god Anu (aka 7 fates, aka the 7 Judges of Hell, represented in the Bible as the 7 deadly SINs) known as the Annunaki(Ananki in Greek which is the plural form of Ananke).

Hymn to Sin (the moon god)


I would like to pause here and throw in My personal thoughts on the Annunaki. It is said that the Annunaki were/are a reptilian race of humanoids that ruled/rule over man that lived/live underground. So lets put this into perceptive as I see it. The Annunaki were also known as Titans(Nephalim) or giants. So, IF they found the bones of dinosaurs like say a t-rex(underground, dead, ie: the underworld) or the stories of dinosaurs were handed down, then add a basic understanding of evolution ie: they came before us, I think we can assume the mythology of the Annunaki originated here. Does this mean the Reptilian race we call the Annunaki does not exist? My answer is, I do not know for sure. Un-pause.


In the second half of the 18th Dynasty, this wealth and power was interrupted by the rule of Akhenaten. During the rule of Akhenaten the power of the A.P. was stripped and religion was brought into the worlds first form of monotheism under Aten, another Solar god. Akhenaten, possibly the true father of Judaism(in idea), ruled for 17 years, a relatively short period for Pharaohs and the circumstances of his death are not known, however almost immediately the A.P. began to rise to power once more. This time gaining wealth through the use of its oracle as well as selling dolls for use during the judgment of the scales of Ma'at, the Ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice. Basically, when one died they were brought in front of Anubis and the scales of Ma'at. Their heart was placed on the scale opposite the feather of Ma'at and weighed. If the heart was lighter, they would have eternal life. The dolls purchased would be placed on the feather side of the scale insuring the dead an afterlife and the scales were tipped ever after.

The influence of the A.P. had spread throughout Northern Africa and Persia with one major exception, the city of Babylon. The inhabitants of Babylon continued to follow what was taught by Akhenaten. It was here that the A.P. realized the benefits of playing both sides of conflict and formed a new sect of their priesthood known as the Brotherhood of Babylon(Israel).


posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 12:58 PM

They then took the Sun god Ra and the creator god El or Elohim (represented by the bull or goat) and combined them to create a single god Rael and formed new laws of being ie: the Ten Commandments, taken from the 7 fates. These laws were a form of contract or Is. Thus when brought together they had a contract with Ra and El or Israel and called its priesthood Rabbi,which was the beginning of the Jewish belief system in Yahweh.

Yahweh means “behold the hand [that guides], behold the nail [that binds]”. This fact was covered up by assigning a fictitious past based on elder Egyptian mythology as well as burning the records of its creation and past at the first burning of the Library of Alexandria. Allegiance to the A.P. and the god Amun was kept hidden(true to the name) by stating the name of the god AMEN at the end of prayer. The name of Yahweh was also used later to show fulfillment of “Prophecy” in the conversion to Christianity. With this and the practices of gaining wealth the A.P. became more powerful than the pharaohs themselves and the richness of Egypt began to fail.

During this period there were many cultures that came together and because there were many different “Lead” gods a common name was taken from a Semitic word meaning "The Lord, master, owner, keeper, or husband" and that word was Ba'al and was represented by the Ram or bull.

The A.P. was so powerful and influential that they infiltrated the Pharisee and began a line of Pharaohs as well as appointing the high priests within the A.P. and even Alexander the Great payed them homage. The Moral code of the A.P. was, "Control your hand, restrain your heart, and seal your lips”.

With the slow decline of the Egyptian dominance came the rise of the Roman Empire. The A.P./Israel's wealth and land ownership was immense and they had political control over most of the known world by this time, and as I have shown in part 1 of this series the banking practices were off and running in the control of the A.P.. The religion of Israel began to influence the Roman Empire and continued to gain wealth and land.

By the time of Titus Caesar, The Roman Empire had about enough of the Rabbis ie the Sanhedrin, as they were gaining too much wealth and power and sought a way to regain power and the ability to tax which at this time was not allowed. The A.P. helped to create Christianity into an organized fashion. Again, they went back into their Egyptian mythology/history and created a “Savior” and applied it to the Jewish Prophet or Christian Savior Jesus(written Yeshua which means “the one who creates, the one who destroys, the one who saves, the one who knows you and wishes you to experience him”. What a wonderful statement if you want to convert.)(The Priesthood is simply known as the Priesthood, but will be shown as C.P. for Christian Priesthood) and again applied the use of Amen as a closing statement to prayer showing allegiance to the god Amun. This gave the A.P. the ability to fund both the Jews and the Christian cult which in the end allowed for them to be paid from all three sides ie; Jews, Christians, and the Roman Empire. They refrained from taking lands in order to stay under the Roman Radar.

They did however make wealth in other ways. As they had seen, Israel banking was strong and ruthless so they left banking in their hands and taught the Christians to give wealth and belongings. Some of the most obviously profitable organized ways of gaining wealth were the betting and banking associated with the Gladiator games and the Christian executions within the arenas and the Coliseum in Rome, but behind the scenes from the conflicts and battles between the two religions and Rome, in their global takeover, also influenced by the A.P.

By the time of Constantine and the Council of Nicaea(the A.P. influenced C.P.) the Christian belief system had been solidified and organized, into a trinity(Priests, Cardinals, and the highest position, the Pope. ie: The Roman Catholic Church), had all but over taken the people of Israel, and Rome was “visibly” the most powerful Government in the Known world.


posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 01:00 PM

The A.P. continued to siphon wealth from Rome through advising expensive wars and conflicts as well as building projects which helped the A.P. to gain wealth as well, not to mention titles and now land and squeezing into positions of power, sometimes even taking over royal bloodlines and thus entire countries. This helped bring the wealth of Rome down to ultimately its collapse.

Evidence of the push for power can be seen in the third Pope(or the last Bishop of Rome), Pope Saint Gelasius I. He was well versed in drafting Papal documents as he closely worked with his predecessor specificity for this reason. He is also attributed to making a dramatic push tower Papal Authority and for creating conflict between the West and East Churches.

As Rome was crumbling the A.P. needed another form of income/conflict less the Catholic Church(referred to as the Church from here) gain too much wealth and power. In response to this they created Islam(Is=contract, Lam=Shepherd in ancient Hebrew, therefore “Contract with the Shepherd” or basically “follow the leader” following the same basic horned god, as the symbol for shepherd and sheep or Lam was the J, representing the shepherds crook, which is also an Egyptian symbol of godhood) again, from ancient Egyptian mythology and placing the tribute to Amen. Muhammad translated means “the pathway to overpowering chaos and separation”, ie: the law is the way/follow the rules and benefit).

By Placing its origins in the “Holy Land” they created a permanent conflict between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. As they had perfected the writing of believable content, when the Qur’an was written for the Islamic faith, no Priesthood would be necessary as they would be taught to follow the letter of the “Law” which is the definition of “Lord”. Both Israel and Christianity were/are taught the same thing, but both the Torah and the New Testament had teachings in parables and thus are open to interpretation(done for internal conflict).

As the Jews were in a decline and with Islam still in its infancy the Church was used to rule the known world and as to gain more wealth, conflict was needed. In order to pull wealth from the Christians, conflicts were created in the form of Church domination of the West, the 2 Crusades and the War of the Roses, all of which funded, on all sides, by the A.P.. The Knights Templar were created by the A.P. And the Church in order to send their authority back into the “Holy Land” on a need to know basis. The Knights Templar were used, at first, to allow safe passage to the “Holy Land”, in order to build a presence. It then shifted to them using propaganda to fight in the wars, and then separated from the Church and worked expressly for the A.P., ultimately for gathering wealth and knowledge. The A.P. allowed them to be removed from power when they became despised by the people. The problem was, they had done such a good job the A.P. Decided to continue their activation as a “Secret Society”.

There is a belief that The Freemasons originated from the knights Templar and this may or may not be true, but following the symbology there is a definite association between Freemasonry and the Church, as seen in the all seeing eye, pyramids, and Obelisks, which actually represent a “ray” or Ra, the Sun God. Ra being Masculine, shows how it has been mistakenly seen as a Phallic symbol, but it has done nothing to harm the cause so it was left as misinformation.

The Knights Templar are also associated with:
    The Ordre de Sion( 1090 - 1188 )
    The Rise and Fall of the Templars(1188 – 1307)
    The Reign of the White Queen(1307 – 1600)
    The Cabal of the Devout(1600-1780)
    The Rose-Croix(1781 – 1901)
    Hieron du Val d'Or(1901 – 2000)

During the late 14th century the Banking system was well in place and the dominant name in Banking was the Medici Family, who were basically in total control of the Church by way of 2 family members being Popes, their exclusive right as the Papal Treasury Bank, and their almost complete ownership of Florence, a major trade center at the time.


posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 01:02 PM
The Medici Family had its ups and downs due to bad management (almost like being spread too thin, in the attempt to put things into place globally). The Medici Family also discovered that it was easier to “hide the books” by “Doing Good Deeds” in the public eye, thus creating a protective shell over themselves from prosecution if found out. This brings us to a period in time where we can detail the history, and as we have it, a major coming together of facets of the A.P., ie: Banks, Ashkenazi Jews, the Pope, Freemasons, the Illuminati, and Western Royalty.


Before continuing the time line I must back it up in order to give the origins of the people involved with what comes next. There are a multitude of facets that come together during this time period and without these origins the connections are not seen.


Lets back up to the fall of the Persian Empire and see what caused it. Through the influence of the A.P., the Persian Empire delegated power to local areas to form localized mini governments which weakened the Kings authority as a central figure and wasted resources in having to subside uprisings on the local level. Some argue that this made it easy for Alexander the Great (Alexander III of Macedon) to invade Persia in 334 BCE, however, this had no bearing on the opposition he encountered. If you take the change in power structure, the influence of the A.P. On Alexander, and the history of putting one side against the other we can see why.

We jump a little forward to the Byzantine empire. Yes, it was the Eastern Roman Empire but The whole of the Roman Empire was divided in 395 AD following the death of Theodosius I (r. 379–395) thus my distinction. During the reigns of Heraclius, Justinian II, Leo III, and Romanos I of the Byzantine Empire the persecution of the Jews forced them to return to their nomadic lifestyle , they were joined by other tribes of Jews fleeing from Sassanid Persia as well as the Islamic world a little later and they found themselves in Khazar. They were accepted, respected, and held in high regard, so much so that they were also placed into positions of authority as a result of the trade and Banking practices they had already established. They immediately took over from a wealth and political stand point.

Khazar was basically split in half between the Christians, in the West, and the Muslims, in the East. Both Religions accepted the Jews, supposedly on the premise that it was an older Religion and deserved respect. However, if you look at the events of the time, there is conflict between these three Religions in all of the Known World. Why then is this country so happy to mix?, unless of course it was part of the plan.

The conversion of Khazar to Judaism, which led to the creation of the Ashkenazi or Ashkenazim Jews, took place some time from 740A.D-830. As the story goes Basically, Khagan Bulan called a cleric from each of the three Religions and asked both the Christian and the Muslim, if they had to give up their Religion for one of the others, which one would they choose and both said Judaism so it was done. You will find that this is said to be a “Nation wide” conversion, but historians think it may have been more like the Aristocracy and Royalty which places the A.P. in control.

The Ashkenazi were centered in the region along the Rhine River and were named after this area for this reason. During the 11th century Ashkenazi Jews totaled about 3% of the worlds Jewish population. It is currently estimated at 92%. From this line came the A.P.s representative Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his 5 sons, which brings us back to the Medicis.

The Muslim Religion had received their directions in the beginning and are fulfilling their task of Ji'had ie; conflict/convert, and it continues today, but paused at the Medicis. The Church had taken over for Rome and was basically in control of the West and were busy draining the wealth and the land through strict law, tithes, and fear based conversions, and once more paused at the Medicis. I do however need to go back once more and shed some light on Freemasonry in order to tie them and another to a single point in order to move on.


posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 01:03 PM

Freemasonry began, according to Dr Robert Lomas of the University of Bradford, in his lecture given to the 5th International Conference of Priories on 8/25/2000:

Freemasonry, in the form we would recognize today, started at the building of Rosslyn Chapel [20 September 1456] near Edinburgh. How do I know this?
There are three important pieces of evidence which support this statement.

    1. Rosslyn links the Jewish Temple through the Knights Templar to Freemasonry.
    2. The ground plan of Rosslyn is a copy of Herod’s Temple and above ground it replicates the Herodian Architecture of Jerusalem.
    3. Rosslyn contains the oldest document showing a modern First Degree Ceremony being conducted by a Knight Templar.

We also have the Rosicrucians openly admitting their origins to Egyptain “mystery traditions”, which ties up the Knights Templar connection through the Freemasons to the Medicis pause mark.

As stated in Part 1 of this series, Mayer Amschel Rothschild sent out his 5 Sons to different locations throughout Europe. Looking at where they went will bring me back to the Medicis.
The 5 Sons(Ashkenazi Jews) were granted the title of Baron or Freiherr by Austria's Francis I, formerly Francis II the last Holy Roman Emperor. This title will come to play a role later.


I would like to pause here as the end of part 2. As you can see at the end here, there is a lot of back tracking and bringing up to date of each facet and it becomes much more complicated to do so as we come into the modern age, as players and companies begin to entangle with each other. I have been struggling with how to put this together for you(the reason this has taken so long to come out), and I think the modern connections should be added to the 3rd installment of this series “The Players”. By adding it to “The Players” I can go deeper into the connections from the people involved as well as the companies and their connections. So much begins to happen in so many facets a time line is nearly impossible, but I will do my best to show how each one is connected as well as narrowing down the top contributors and directors of the entire system.

Thank You for your understanding and your patience, as this puzzle is not the easiest to form into a thread as many people and companies are connected in multiple ways and places in our history.

Sources(No specific order): JHCXY&hl=en&ei=Wr69TYbPE822tgfE09HXBQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=5&ved=0CCoQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=amun%20priesthood%20and%20roman%20rule&f=fals e (will need Google translate)

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posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 01:31 PM
Another one that I should bookmark to read through.

Although I can already see in the last piece you are moving in mysterious ways. I always wonder how many mortals even know about their existence.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 02:27 PM
In your research did the Amun Priesthood have a clean start are were they created to take over?

I like your thoughts about the Annunaki, makes more sense then them being a space race.

So, the A.P. created Israel to take out Babylon? If you dont mind could you expand on that or point me to the right source.

By the time of Titus Caesar, The Roman Empire had about enough of the Rabbis ie the Sanhedrin, as they were gaining too much wealth and power and sought a way to regain power and the ability to tax which at this time was not allowed.

Caesar is under control of the A.P., so were the Rabbis trying to break away or is this just infighting between subjects of the A.P.?

Nice thread

To add what do the A.P. have planned for the future?
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posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 02:28 PM
Very very interesting research and information. To say the least.

The concept that the three major religions have been framed and positioned in opposition to each other is particularly fascinating. It takes only a modest amount of history to show that indeed, much of man's suffering has been a product of the major three religions fighting each other.

Jump to present day. We find ourselves being led down a path of seemingly never-ending conflict, with the very powerful and very few benefiting enormously. The ideas and research you have presented show that these indeed may not only be connected, but go much further back than we are normally willing to admit.

I look forward to the discussion, as well as the next part of the series to come.

Edit to add: I was particularly fascinated by the roots of the word Amen. Always wondered where that came from. Imagine that.
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posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 03:13 PM
Originally posted by Doublemint

In your research did the Amun Priesthood have a clean start are were they created to take over?
The Amun Priesthood, as far as I can find at this point, is the originator of this idea of Global domination(please keep in mind that "Global" means the known world at the point of their origin and open existance).

So, the A.P. created Israel to take out Babylon? If you don't mind could you expand on that or point me to the right source.
Actually, as the story goes, It was Nimrod, the son of Cush and great-grandson of Noah and the king of Shinar that created the city of Babylon. Its practices and beginnings of civilization were created and manipulated by the Amun Priesthood through him(If he was not among the priests himself). He is associated with the fall of the Tower of Babel which ushered in the formation of the monotheistic religion of Judaism.(Source: )

Caesar is under control of the A.P., so were the Rabbis trying to break away or is this just infighting between subjects of the A.P.?
The A.P. manipulated the creation of Rome and served as advisers to Caesar until they finally became Caesar and took over completely. The Hierarchy of the Sanhedrin, still connected to the A.P. put things in place to create conflict in order to gain wealth and power, but this went to an extreme which caused the A.P. to add another side to the equation ie. Christianity.

To add what do the A.P. have planned for the future?
Stay tuned lol.

Nice Thread
Thank you so much for your kind words and helping me to clarify.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 05:08 PM
Well, I enjoyed part 1 of 'The Global Banking System' Agarta..But I think I'm going to enjoy reading this one more!

So kudos for getting part 2 to us! I've barely skimmed through it, but it's already a riveting read by the looks of things.

I'll be back for Q&A's at a later time..

For now, think I gotta settle down & get to work reading this bad boy.


posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 07:40 PM
Wierd I wonder how this infromation got out, because as I reread it says they didnt go after land so Rome wouldn't take notice of them. But if they were in control of Rome that would mean very few people leading Rome would know about them, but now I do. I wonder if it was released on purpose or who could have made such a mistake.
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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 06:14 AM
Fascinating series Agarta.

It is almost too much for the brain to process.
More, please!

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 08:59 AM
Well worth the wait, Agarta.
I had the idea of where "Amen" came from, and now its validated.
Such a great read with an enormous amount of work and information.


I am anticipating the next installment, just as much as the last.
This will be one of the greatest ATS threads of all time, in my opinion.

Very thought provoking and interesting!
I am off to watch the videos now...


posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 01:05 PM
I was going to go through the specific points but ti was going to take a bit too long, i see a lot of just plain paraphrasing from wikipedia and mixing and matching religions for reasons unknown.

The belief of Amun-Ra included the aspects of the Sun but also the aspects of the Moon god, Sin, and the underworld which was guarded by the 7 children of the god Anu (aka 7 fates, aka the 7 Judges of Hell, represented in the Bible as the 7 deadly SINs) known as the Annunaki(Ananki in Greek which is the plural form of Ananke).

So the Sumerian gods guard the egytian underworld? The 7 deadly sins are nowhere in the bible

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by PrimalRed

Actually, many things from original gods/goddesses and stories to the original forms of writing were taken from the Sumerians and incorporated into Egyptian mythology and society. Yes, through time these changed. the names of the gods/goddesses changed and the style of writing altered as well. The difference with the Sumerian and Egyptian underworld is simply the final outcome. The Egyptians believed to pass through the gates and answer the questions of the guardians allowed them to ascend from the underworld, where the Sumerians believed they simply entered into a dust filled cavern as wisps of smoke that dissipated after time with no chance of ascension from it.

I fear the question you have is that your are taking "Established" Egypt and Sumeria and attempting to understand the connections, which are far from apparent, rather than beginning in pre-dynastic Egypt to see how each formed similarly then shifted into two distinct systems. I apologize if I did not make this clear in my original post.

As for the 7 Sins not being in the Bible, I do admit that was an overly simplified statement as I was referring to it being part of the belief system, my mistake.

As for the "paraphrasing from wiki" I appreciate your downgrading of my time and research as well as the details not included in wiki. Thanks for pointing that out [/sarcasm]

posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 06:13 PM

By the the 11th Dynasty his name was settled on the spelling of Amun and in the 18th dynasty he had been merged with Ra, thus, Amun-Ra, making him half man and half ram.

Like that, it is 1/2 true yes Amen-Ra is depicted as a ram but it has nothing to do with the names being merged it was because of the conquest of Kush
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posted on Dec, 6 2011 @ 09:35 PM
reply to post by PrimalRed

Originally Amen was a god of air and wind, was the chief god of Kush and was included in the lesser gods of Egypt. Later he became a fertility god and was thought to be the Creator of all things and means the hidden one or the one divine force that is concealed, invisible and eternal, yet Amen is the All-Encompassing presence of life. During the New Kingdom(18th, 19th, and 20th Dynasties) he became "The king of the gods" in Egypt. From the 18th dynasty on, he was a national deity of Egypt. He was said to be able to assume any form he wished, with each of the other gods being one of these forms, as was Ra or Re, depending on your spelling choice. So you see, Yes, Amen was a Kush god, but also an Egyptian god.

Now lets put it into the time line. From about 1450 BCE until 1100 BCE, Egypt ruled Nubia(from original conquest to the beginning of the fall of Egypt which led to Kush's conquest of Egypt in the 9th to latter 8th century BCE). The 18th Dynasty began in 1550 BCE(100 years prior to the conquest) with the Amun Priesthood developing during this time. Its purpose was and still is, in the open, concerned with "restoration and contemporary application of the Classical Nile Valley Temple Tradition of Amen as it was practiced in both Nubia and Kemet." So in essence you are correct, the worshiping of Amen stems from the lower Nile valley and Kush, but my point in naming them and beginning where I did was to begin when the priesthood began to assert their power which was Egypt, rather than a complete history of the worship of Amen.

It is not so much my concern, at this juncture of the series, as to the origins of Amen worship but more the Amun Priesthood. As stated this is a 6 part series and I am putting pieces together a little at a time in order to show connection and where it is all leading. As with part 1, pieces are left out in order to place them elsewhere within the series that I feel they fit(I gave Hitler as an example to leaving out information for later parts in part 1) and to maintain some semblance of controlled post length for each part. As you can see this one was 5 posts to itself without all the extra information.

Thank you for bringing it in and feel free to expand on their history if you wish, but as for my purposes, I gave the information needed at this point in the series.

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posted on Dec, 10 2011 @ 03:15 AM
reply to post by Agarta

Stay tuned for Part 3 "The Players"

posted on Dec, 15 2011 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by Agarta

Wow, what an astounding amount of research, you ought to turn this series into a book ! I've bookmarked your threads and will be going through them over time. There is so much to digest and so many links to visit to add layers to the story. I popped on the site you link to in your signature....are you the person who has written all the articles on the home page there ? Is this you : Dan Green

posted on Jan, 7 2012 @ 11:24 AM
Hey Agarta,

Thank you so much for this amazing post !! I've read it twice now, please let us know when part 3 is up as I can't wait to read it.

Keep up the good work.

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