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From My Window

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posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 12:12 PM
I hope this thread is correct.
I attempted to upload a video to ATS but the link in upload was redundant and went nowhere.
Besides, evidently there is a 50Mg limit, and this video, even in lower quality FLV is over that, or at least was after a second conversion.

I uploaded it on YouTube and will link to it from here.

The video is my first attempt at using Windows Live MovieMaker, and the editing controls are inferior to even my previous version, but it worked...somewhat.

The only flaw was whe I added a soundtrack towards the end and it went over the runtime so I checked the box "fit to music" and did not realize until after hours of conversion that it refit the entire video rather than the final piece at the end.

This ruined the timing of much of the clips added at the beginning slowing down the transitions a bit.

Other than that, if you can stand watching all 33 minutes, I would appreciate any critique and suggestion on improving my editing skills for my next installment "Episode II", as well as comments on how/if you enjoyed the video content.

Thanks in advance for watching.
See you on the other side.

From My Window

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 09:32 PM
My desktop is down but when I get it going I will link to a rendering Imade of a disc UFO I saw but don't have the equipment to video...(need telescopic zoom and motorized adjuster).

The Orbs in the video are interesting.

The 3rd one, there are two places you can see another orb or something following it below and slightly left. It comes in and out of the screen view.

Other than that, the lag from using the fit to music is just another poor add-on from Microsoft.
If the OS add-ons and features were not cannibalized and sold seperately, Windows would rock like the full-blown release candidates. But,alas, the corporate mind is as cognative as a parkinsons victim shooting hand held video. ( my shaky video is from muscle strain not uncontrolled spasmatic fits) JUST TO SET THE RECORD STRTAIGHT...

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