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Do you feel profound sorrow for God/Creator/All Souls?

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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 08:12 PM
First, some context to my question. I have recently read the Hidden_Hand thread and some of the Law of One material:

Hidden_Hand Thread

Condensed Hidden_Hand Responses pulled from the 200+ page monster thread

Law of One Books

Law of One Condensed Guide

My question is posed mostly to others who have a familiarity with the above subject matter. However, the same question can be posed to any belief system that has a Single God/Creator/Divine Being.

Does anyone else feel profound pity and deep sorrow for the Infinite Creator, and thus for all souls?

This is the problem I have with religions and spiritual beliefs: all have a singular god/creator/entity at the top. I fundamentally feel sorry for and pity anything which is all knowing and singular in nature. For in that, I can only see infinite loneliness and boredom. It even makes sense that an entity that is all knowing and singular would want to break apart pieces of itself to 'forget' so that it could experience joy, or pain, or companionship -- even if those concepts are a mere illusion and distraction from the emptiness that being all knowing and alone must be.

I truly am confused by the world around me. Most people find comfort in the concept of a singular entity who loves us and provides a path for us to travel to 'rejoin' them. For me it is the ultimate demotivator. It makes me want to strive to go down, not up the karmic food-chain and away from self awareness. Or to find a 'switch' to truly die at a soul level. I feel, at a sub-concious level, that I have lived a seemingly infinite number of lives and just want the cycle to stop.

Here is what I suspect has happened to me nearly countless times:

I have a long and troubled life searching for meaning. I die... I rejoin my higher self... I recall everything, possibly as HH and RA have stated.... I still feel ultimate sorrow for the 'one' and therefore for all its creation including myself....I have no desire to incarnate again so I stay for as long as I can stand it in this state...when I can't stand it any longer I incarnate again...eventually I can't stand it and do what is needed to climb to the next dimension until I rejoin 'the one'... In my ultimate sorrow I choose to break apart again for the countless time... I slowly work my way up the karmic cycle back to being human...rinse and repeat.

I know the above will sound extremely depressing and outrageous to many or most here. I have discussed this problem with others on many occasions, including loved ones of various faiths. I have yet to hear a method that resonates with me -- how to view a singular/all knowing entity with anything but the deepest of sorrow. I have all but stopped trying to find meaning in life, a purpose for being, or spirituality that works for me. It seems to always lead me back to this fundamental problem. So I have gone long periods of trying to ignore the real meaningful questions in life.

I desire to be positive and have a positive impact on the world around me but ultimately am Spiritually Lost.

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