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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 12:24 PM
Problem #1 is?

Land in the U.S, even throughout the whole planet.

Problem #2 is?

The ever growing population.

I dont think there is ever going to be a lot of new, decent paying work. Land is all owned across the U.S., even throughout the whole planet by now. And got enough going on upon it, right? So, there won't be any more careers for anyone to fill in the future, except the careers people retired from or got fired from, which is not enough since population continues to grow.

Land is as an almost gone resource. Existing companies got almost all the land in the money making sector. Without land, a possible new employer of many can't really build their brandnew company building to start employing many. Without many employers there will be not many employees! Earth can't fit all wanting to be employers, so many wanting to be employees are out of luck.

People in population aren't dying fast enough for others to take over their decent paying work.

The problems with the world is the lacking of land and the ever growing population, correct?

The world looks like it needs to be depopulated since the world can no longer fit its lifestyle of creating lots of decent paying career work. I suspect WW3 will be unleashed to bring about depopulation.

The more people in population, the more people can't get their foot in the door.

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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 12:57 PM
Especially with ever growing increases in productivity to improve the bottom line. As it is, efficiency for basic needs generation is high enough that there will never be enough jobs to cover that part... thus we are left dependant on "wants" and "luxuries" to provide jobs for the balance of the population. Makes us very susceptible to recessions, etc.


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