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Bush's exit from the Vietnam War...maybe the criticism isn't right.

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posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 11:23 PM
To start off please read everything I am stating and even find more information on this topic if you can because I'm sure there is a lot out there. I am simply advancing an explanation for Bush, and this is not intended to be critical torward either side (because thats YOUR job). I would like to hear your thoughts on this:

Defender's of John Kerry use the argument that he went into the Vietnam War and defended the country (unlike Bush) and later realized that the war was unjust. By doing so and formulating this opinion supporters often say things like "he is a man that will defend when needed, but realizes his mistakes and tries to correct them, thereby learning along the way."

Then, people that are anti-Bush state the reason for him going AWOL as something like "Dubya's daddy got him out of the War, so that he did not have to fight", or "he has no courage because he would not go to war". We have all heard these issues brought up on this forum and around the media. However...

What if Bush saw, just like Kerry, that the Vietnam War was unjust and opted to not engage in it? This is a possibility, and would explain why he did not go.

Here is one perspective on Bush:

and a few more (with links):'s_military_service

Here is a few on Kerry (with links):'s_military_service

So, let's imagine you join the military because you wanted to help out your country in time of need; not highly unlikely, since many feel the need to step up and be patriotic. Now, lets say that you later realized that the war you were about to enter was, what you thought, unjust; again, not highly unlikely. What if your family was able to pull some strings and get you out of said war? Would you leave or not, knowing that you did not believe in the cause of the war? Tough decision I would imagine...but what if this was the same decision facing GW Bush at this time, just like Kerry later changing his mind about Vietnam? Once again, this is not unlikely.

The big question is...did both men possibly realize that Vietnam was unjust, and this is why Bush didn't go and why Kerry spoke out against it? These men were young and there minds were easily open to rash decisions that could change both of their future's and they knew it. Simple mistakes by young men who both served time?

Although Im not a huge fan of this site:

I'm sure there will be other links that will come up as well with maybe even some proof one way or another!

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posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 02:36 PM
On top of what I previously wrote does anyone know a website that would contain any of President Bush's War records? I know they were supposedly destroyed, but I have heard there are some dental records and so fourth...

All I have found is a few documents from NPR that they have on their site here:

Here is what I have seen regarding his records that were destroyed:

There appears to be at least some evidence that he was this correct? I'm just trying to gain some insight on this.

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