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Turkey Vs Greece Israel and the US

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posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 06:20 PM
New battle over Mediterranean gas
The Middle East has moved north, with the Mediterranean emerging as home to some of the world's richest deposits of energy. And as in the Middle East, rights to resources will be settled less by law than by force, or by the threat of force.
Much of the conflict involves the island nation of Cyprus. The stretch of sea between Cyprus and Israel is believed to hold hundreds of billions of dollars worth of hydrocarbons - is now a checkerboard of prospective drilling sites that have begun to be exploited by Israeli, Cypriot and American oil and gas companies.
These companies and their three governments have no intractable(unmanageable) conflicts with each other - in fact, they're developing their resources in close co-operation. Neither does Greece, which stands to become a major European hub for these energy finds, and longs to develop resources of its own in Greek waters to the west of Cyprus. According to a study for Economist Conferences, a business unit of The Economist, Greece could eradicate its debt by exploiting its Mediterranean hydrocarbons.
The spoiler in the Greek-Cypriot-Israeli plans to exploit the Mediterranean is Turkey.

Reading some news off this site and was surprised. I had no idea that this was going on in the Middle east.
The scenario set up seems to be legitimate and quite imminent. Turkey only recently became aggressive towards Israel.
There are real WW3 war clouds on the horizon. No doubt the Russians have an eye of defending turkey and accessing the fuel supply

posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 06:30 PM
Doesn't Cypress have a Brit air station? Any conflict will draw in many other countries quickly. Looks like they are really going to get the war they want if not for one reason, then for another.

Turkey has said that it will double the size of its army over the next few years and Greece will be receiving a few hundred tanks from the US I think. One story that I heard told is that Turkey is feigning aggression toward Israel, so that when she acts against Syria it will not be seen as the Israeli proxy action that it is - sounds a little circuitous.
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posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 06:35 PM

Originally posted by jcord
Doesn't Cypress have a Brit air station? Any conflict will draw in many other countries quickly. Looks like they are really going to get the war they want if not for one reason, then for another.

Funny, I just read the website recently and am slowly realising the ramifications are indeed global.
I am just blessed I dont live in the Middle east or on the Mediteranean.

posted on Nov, 26 2011 @ 11:47 PM
I suggest you keep reading boony.
Russia protect Turkey? You need a history lesson. The two are rivals.

Russia protect Turkey to secure the supply none the less? Why would Russia protect Turkey and go to war with the West, for a fuel supply it does not need? It has it's own massive oil and gas supplies.

Furthermore, Russia has already backed CYPRUS. Not Turkey, but CYPRUS.
The Russian government has publicly stated that Cyprus has every right to explore and exploit it's own natural resources, and that Russia supports Cyprus' endeavors to do this.

Right now the Russian aircraft carrier is headed straight for the Eastern Mediterranean. A few days ago it was reported to be near Malta. It's not far away now.

There are a few Russian destroyers docked at the Russian naval base in Syria, a stones throw away.

The Russians are reportedly going to hold military exercises with Israel in the region.
The Russian carrier is also reportedly going to dock in Cyprus.

Do you know how the Russian's paraphrase Turkey's behavior over this? "very unwise".

You have an American energy company working with an Israeli energy company(and a Cypriot energy company), to exploit natural resources.
These natural resources will be used to give Europe some energy independence. Cyprus being part of Europe and the European Union after all.

But it is interesting to note, that Russia's Gazprom has signalled it's interest in exploring two blocks, and apparently one block is reserved for Gazprom already.
France's TOTAL energy is also interested in joining the exploration.

The waters between Greece and Israel are full of gas and oil. We are talking a massive amount that will make peoples head spin. This entire area is virtually untouched as far as extraction is concerned. In Greece especially.

In the first round of exploration in Cyprus, in Block 12, they've found up to 9 trillion cubic meters of gas.
Remember, that is ONE single block. There are many more to be explored.

Make no mistake, Turkey has already been told via back channels that if they do anything stupid they will pay heavily.
They would not only be messing with an American energy company, a big no no since it's tied to American foreign policy, they would be messing with Europes energy security which coincidentally is tied to American foreign policy.
American policy being to get Europe off Russian gas as much as possible with alternatives.

The best alternative for Europe right now, and into the future, is IN HOUSE reserves.
Those in house reserves are in Greece and Cyprus, as well as Israel which obviously isn't in the EU but is a friendly country.

THIS is where Europe's energy security lies.

The significance of this can not be explained in words.

And as for Greece using it's natural resources which remain untapped to eradicate it's debt, yes that's true it's possible.
BUT, the most important thing is to fix the economy, to fix government, etc, so that such a debt is never again possible. That is just as important, if not more important then eradicating the debt.

And when I say natural resources, I don't just refer to oil and gas. Greece is rich in minerals as well especially rare earth minerals.

Greece literally is a treasure chest of natural resources waiting to be extracted.

posted on Nov, 28 2011 @ 01:58 AM
Cyprus? is Turkish and Greek.Its not a country its an island divided between two countrys who hate each other.
I purposely posted a link for people to explore an understand what I couldnt explain properly.
I suggest you go and explore it.
Europe now hate Israel, thats as obvious as my beer belly.
Russia are in the business of securing a middle eastern port and more wealth.

What you have said in my opinion is incorrect, go read the analysis.

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