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Infestation 2- HP Lovecraftian take.....

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posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 02:01 PM
First I would like to point to an earlier thread on the preceding series

Zombies in Transformers, Star Trek, GI Joe, and Ghost busters?? .....

Pretty much these earths got invaded by zombies...

Now the Sequel

Infestation 2 IDW... cbr's


"Infestation 2" lines up comeback kids G.I. Joe and Transformers (the latter of which will come from the "Hearts of Steel" continuity") alongside newer properties to the idea including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Danger Girl, 30 Days of Night and Dungeons & Dragons. "Where we're headed is into Lovecraft territory this time," Ryall revealed. "For many reasons, we felt Lovecraft's monsters...amp up the threat." He noted that for universes like "30 Days of Night," the monsters would provide a credible villain even for immortal bloodsuckers.

now this is from IDW itself

Infestation 2 news release idw

San Diego, CA (October 12, 2011) – IDW’s ground-breaking, multi-universe event returns in January with INFESTATION 2. As with the blockbuster original, this epic invasion will spread throughout the IDW-verse and into many fan-favorite titles. With INFESTATION 2, tentacled Lovecraftian “Old Ones” reach across time and space and threaten to destroy everyone everywhere and everywhen.

and another IDW link...
(Please note That I do not work for the company in any way but I am a fan of some of the series and they seem to have a better line up ready to go this time)

I am noting that it is the advertisement but you fans wont mind it because ...

if you know where a local comic book shop is get a free copy of the Dark secrets of infestation 2 preview... it is a little booklet and it has some more of the back story....

HP Lovecrafts monster actually exist.... the government killed HPL...

now the elder gods have invaded several realities...

The transformers- heart of steel (steam punk universe)

have to awaken autobots to save decpticons and humans

dungeons and dragons -

abraxis wren notorious inquisitive in sharin...?????
on a case and trail of creatures beyond the ken of mortals

Teenage mutant ninja turtles-

something else is in the sewers- leads into long forgotten sewers...

GI Joe-

cobra's penchant for evil - opened a portal and cobra vipers fall under the thrall of elder gods
The only ho[e... insane corbra agents and one joe- snakeeyes

30 days of night-

do not know but the picture was of the vamps thing fighting the hpl monster


Weekly World News....????

I know but it is bat boy and the alien (area 51)- groom lake

they do write out there fiction????

Well This is Kent Walls being the Lazy American I have been accused of being signing off...

edit on 23-11-2011 by ripcontrol because: The revenge of love craft... actually I want to include some pictures...

edit on 23-11-2011 by ripcontrol because: pretty monster... precious

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