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The establishment left and right seem to be in bed together safeguarding Mitt the Flip.

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posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 12:50 AM
Why does it seem that the establishment left and right seem to be in bed together safeguarding Mitt the Flip? I have a theory. The 1 to 100 millionaire crowd, the 99%ers of the top 1% are simply folks who want to have some regulation of Wall Street that edges out the 99%ers, but still gives them (at least a psychological sense in believing) a chance for them or their children to become one day billionaires, the 1% of the 1%. So they fear too much deregulation.

Why do I think this?

One is reason is that:

Currently it's extremely hard to simply buyout a profitable publicly traded company and transform it into a proprietorship or consolidate it into a privately held parent company such as what Koch Industries, a privately held company, did with Georgia Pacific a once publicly traded profitable company.

The 99%ers of the top one 1% know that Obama has not nor will Mitt the Flip deregulate Wall Street to the point where folks like the Kochs can come in with billions of dollars and buy up all the profitable publicly traded companies and turn them into privately held entities.

If total or near total deregulation of Wall Street becomes reality this will leave the 99%ers of the 1% to only be able to trade junk company stock, and the big easy money opportunities will be forever denied to them placing a glass ceiling on their investment gains.

I am for Occupy and I am for the Kochs. That is because "my enemy's enemy is my friend." My enemy, America's enemy, is the establishment both right and left. Cut their easy capital gain avenues off, and let us the 99ers hash it out later with the 1% of the 1% after the 99%ers of the 1% are out of the way.

Down with wealthy media pundits and commentators along with the establishment candidates and already elected politicians that are all apart of the 99%er of the 1% ilk. Down with their collective influences, and their easy capital gain opportunities I say.

Now what do you all say?


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