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Lost time incedent (Sleepwalking a possibility)

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posted on Sep, 2 2004 @ 04:21 PM
I dont think Im being abducted...

This last monday I was watching T.V. at about 8:30 when I fell asleep on the couch, this I know for 100% sure... the next thing I remember it was just after 2:00am and I awoke in my bed sweating like a mad man, alot of sweat, enough to make my sheets wet to the touch and also my blanket wet a little. I remember dreaming just before I woke up (What I was dreaming, I dont know) and when I woke up instantly I was like "how the hell did I get to my room?".

This (Waking up in my bed without know how I got there) has been happening to me to me alot of late (last 6 months).

~I was stone cold sober(no drinking), I had taken a toke off the bong with my roommate before dinner (5pm) but I do that everyday(for like 3 years)...
~I do not remember falling asleep but know I was in the process of falling asleep...
~The sliding door to the living room was wide open when it had been closed...
~The T.V. was on a different channel than I remember watching and my roommate turned it off...
~Some how I made it to my room and into my bed without remembering it...
~And when I asked my roommate if he saw me on the couch that night when he came home he said I wasn't there, or in my room, but my truck was there...

Now I have been known to sleepwalk, as a kid. I haven't had anyone witness me sleepwalking in about 10 years.

I should give you some back ground on my sleep walks; From the age of about 7-12 I would sleep walk quite a bit. Most of the time my mother would catch me peeing in the bath tub, or brushing my teeth with the hair comb, or something along those terms... But every now and then my mother would look at me weird in the morning and I knew I had done something extra special that night. These special nights I would do things that were extreme.

I had step brothers that were IMO a$$ holes at the time, to me and my brother. Constantly bothering my brother. So, in my sleep one night at about the age of 10 I was told that I went to the kitchen, got the biggest knife I could find (all in my sleep) and went down stairs to my step brothers rooms. This was late at night, so my step bro's woke up. I was told that I was standing there knife in hand at my side with the door open and the light on, them in bed. They asked my me what I was doing and supposedly I belted out with a huge voice (like they had never herd, either my mother or my step bro's) something along these lines or very close to "Silence! Both of you shut up before I have to go... Now both of you listen, if you ever bother my brother again, verbaly, or physicaly I will be back to finish this job... GOT IT" Supposedly they didnt say anything, and were just looking at me, and my mother who by this time was behind me kind of watching cause I was swinging the knife around. They told me that they didnt answer right away. I then yelled out "GOT IT?", they said "Yes" and I turned around walked to the kitchen, put the knife away, and went to my bed. Needless to say my step brothers never bothered me or my younger brother again. ever!

That was the most "extreme" sleep walk I have been told about. My mother said that I was almost speaking and acting in a different personality when I would go into these extreme sleepwalk state where I would do rash things like that. The other times that I would sleep walk I would kind of bumble around like a fool, totaly different than the extreme ones.

Now, there was 2 major things that were going on in my life at that time. One, I was being forced to use my right hand by my grandparents even though I was distinctly left handed. You see in the Italian culture being left handed is a sign on "Sinistra", or it is considered sinister, or evil. The second, how shall I put it... well not comfortable in telling the public. So I just tell you that I had a problem dealing with my past, I had held in a secret for toooooo many years. These things all were the root of my sleepwalking problems. After I/my mother delt with the two problems I hadn't been witnessed sleepwalking, till I suspect these last few weeks.

As of now, I feel as if I have delt with all those problems and dont hold them in to cause damage any longer. I have learned to deal with these type of emotions pretty well, so Iam sure that these "new" sleep walks are not of the same kind.

The one thing that has been on my mind for a while is my sudden alergy to Wheat that surfaced about 2 years ago. Iam always dealing with this problem, as it is hard to be a young man who partys and eats italian and not be able to drink beers, or eat bread and spagetti. I have had to alter my diet in the last 2 years but I really dont feel like it is emotional straining or anything of the sort. It just hurts my digestive system to eat Wheat.

My questions are to anyone with sleep walking problems or anyone that is a doctor or have knowledge about sleepwalking...

1. Have you ever had streaches of no sleep walking, only to start up again (10 years in between)?
2. Did you have a certain thing that caused/causes your/a person to sleepwalk?
3. How did you stop your sleepwalking?
4. Can diet affect sleepwalking?
5. Can alergys affect sleepwalking?

Iam going to have my roommate keep an eye on me in the next little while and try to catch me sleepwalking, also Ive been thinking of video tapeing my sleeps.

Anyways, I'm just looking for more information, and possibly someone else with the same deals that has had a solution for sleepwalking... or an understanding for what causes it.

... the next step is the doctors if it keeps up like this.

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posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 09:21 AM
I used to sleepwalk as a child and would be totally in my own world, i would even try to leave the house, i have no idea why i did it but it usually occurred within 30 mins to 1 hour of me dropping off.

I have also had about three occasions were it has happened again now as an adult, and that is about..12 years ogo, so yeah in my case it happned again.

The cause for my personal experience was stress, and worry about normal things, and once it happened again i had a short time where i was actually going to bed with sleepwalking on my mind so i was thinking about it and worrying about that too so maybe that triggered it more???

The only way i got over it was to stop worrying about it, i just came to the conclusion if i do i do if i dont great and now i dont LOL.

I would definatly see a doctor though because they can give you things to try and stop it, i think one of the things is sleeping pills to make you go into a deep sleep, although i have not taken anything like that as i dont really like it, also your diet could contribute!

Good luck though and i would definatly consider recording your night time activity, that way you know for sure what is going on.

posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 10:14 AM
I used tobe somewhere then just like wake up somewhere else without even remembering falling to sleep. THat hasn't happened since when I was probaly 10. Which is almost 3 years ago.

posted on Sep, 7 2004 @ 08:45 AM
i remember a friends brother, when i was younger. one night he slept walked from his bed in another room, to next to his brother then to the top bunk of another bed, then back into his bed. with an hour in each bed, very strange,.

posted on Sep, 7 2004 @ 09:28 AM
Hey Humpty, sounds like you have a genuine medical condition that you need help with.
Adult sleepwalking is associated with different things to its harmless relatively normal childrens counterpart.

There are many cases of adults doing real harm to themselves and others if not learning how to deal with their situation. In one well documented case a man with no problems or relationship issues, but with a history of sleepwalking, awoke and stabbed his wife some 70 odd times before returning calmly to wash up and go back to bed.

You need to speak to your doctor. You can google all the info you want on sleepwalking. including findings that show a possible gene associated with the disorder.

posted on Sep, 7 2004 @ 09:55 AM
Iam definatly keeping a watch of my sleepwalking. Ive had no more sleepwalking for the last week now.

I did do some googleing and found basically the same thing... Stress and others similar things, which would make sence. Ive started a new job, a new course at night school, and just bought a new truck.

So ya, Ive definatly learnt one thing that all the experts say to do that I could find... Sleepwalkers, or bad sleepers in general, learn to deal with your day to day things and then put them to rest at night time, so that you have a clear mind going to sleep with. That seams to help. I remeber a couple of weeks ago when I was sleepwalking again, I was definatly thinking about what I was going to do the next day, or how I was going to afford something, ect as I was going to bed.


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