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Please Don't Use the Alert Feature for Reporting One-Liners

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posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 09:40 PM
When you click the Alert button this is what is written on the alert form below the submit button,

We encourage members to alert us to posts that might be a potential problem. However, please be aware that this feature is intended for flagrant violations of our Terms & Conditions such as trouble makers, insults, inappropriate content, and potential copyright violations. This feature is not intended to alert staff to minor issues like 1-liner or off-topic posts.

It seems this message is often missed or ignored as we are regularly receiving Alerts for one-liners. Daily we already receive many alerts and complaints. Receiving alerts and complaints for minor issues like one-liners only takes our focus away from serious T&C violations.
Many times the alert feature is abused in order to get a thread opponent in trouble over a one-liner. Often the person abusing the alert feature doesn't understand what a one-liner even is.

I'll take this time to clear up what a one-liner is.
A one-liner is not necessarily a single line of text. What we consider to be a one-liner is a short response that doesn't add any value to the thread. Comments like "Nice post!" and "Awesome thread. I just flagged it!" are examples of one-liners.
To learn more about what a one-liner is please read these threads: Warnings for one-line or short responses

--Off Topic, One Liners and General Back Scratching Posts--

Thank you to all those who send alerts for violations of our terms and conditions. This is very helpful in keeping our board great.
Contacting Staff: Alerts, Suggestions, Complaints

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