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Strange Tales from the Campaign Trails

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posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 09:06 AM
A friend and I were discussing yesterday these two types of individuals:
1) The ones who believe the headlines, and make their personal political, or other decisions based on the reading of headlines, or rants from hate talk radio, etc.

2) The ones who know about whats behind the msm, and base their decisions not on the headlines, but the reasonings behind the headlines.

- Especially at election time, when the veil between media ownership and the real news lifts its head now and again.
The following link is from Canada's national public broadcaster, the CBC. The CBC used to enrich us with many powerful docs on international and local issues.
Ex-Pats I have spoken with tell me they used to always still turn to the CBC to get the real deal from home.

Like almost everywhere else, we are tainted with election frauds and shams, perfectly illustrated in a video on the CBC site. Unfortunately this video won't be making it to air any time soon. The truth can be a bit too much to handle, especially at provincial election time:
Strange Tale from the Campaign Trail: CBC News

Basically, a campaigning "cold call" is actually a fraudulent set up, and not too well executed. This is a fine example of real live investigative journalism.

Next, an superb example of hate radio following the international playbook of "tell them no one knows what they're talking about" being played overtop the actual event, speaking the opposite.
Since this is the ATS crowd, I presume most of you would know what I'm talking about (re: individual #2)

This young man spoke so rationally well on the Occupy Movement, was so informative and logical, damned hippies

Wondering if money is more important than peoples' lives, there are many corporate entities with their eye on the Saskatchewan pie, and here are some of the issues of "the 99%" in SK:

Re: individuals #1: Why would they vote criminals back in, unless they aren't constantly reminded in the headlines?
Example: Corrupt politicans/individuals exist everywhere, yes. But don't they usually just get a lovely package and early retirement? Some of these goons are still on the taxpayer's payroll, and one committed suicide when he couldn't continue the shams, and the story behind it:

I am non-partisan, and this not a "left-wing" or "right-wing" issue.
This is because Chief Dan George said you can't eat money. Why do some think there's nothing more than more money?

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