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NY teacher union bosses gave themselves $44k raise while teachers were being laid off

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posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 03:56 PM
Great guy running things there...

NYSUT's leaders get double-digit raises

Teachers union president saw $44,808 increase in a time of layoffs, cutbacks at state's schools

The dire financial circumstances in public school districts have seen teachers taking pay cuts and bidding farewell to colleagues who received pink slips.

And yet, in contrast to the grim news coming out of schools, compensation has never been better at the headquarters of the New York State United Teachers, the largest union representing teachers across the state. Top staff received generous annual salary increases -- some equal to more than an entire year's worth of earnings for the average teacher.

NYSUT President Richard Iannuzzi received a $44,808 raise, according to the most recent publicly filed tax returns from 2010. His base salary went to $240,180 from $195,372, a 23 percent increase. Iannuzzi's total compensation, which includes health care, pension and other benefits, is listed at $345,987.

Unions, like anything else, when they become too big, become corrupt if the people below don't keep the higher ups in line.


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