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They Key to End War on Terror: Abrahamic Sovereign Federation

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posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 07:13 PM
Abrahamic Sovereign Federation (ASF)

The key to end the War on terror is to unite the three monotheistic religions that stemmed from our patriarchal figure, Abraham.

I am calling for the Unification and steps toward peace between Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Gaza, West Bank, Golan Heights, Turkey, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emerites, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

The Goal of the Abrahamic Sovereign Federation (ASF) would be to 1. Fulfill Gamal Abdel Nasser's dream of a Pan-Arab nation. 2. To fulfill the dream of many Jews to have a safe and peaceful Sovereign Sate. 3. To ensure peace between Palestinians and Israelis. 4. To push for peace between Pakistan and India. 5. To End All Terrorism. 6. To cut back on the proliferation of nuclear material. 7. To properly maintain the surrounding area's environment. 8. To responsibly sell oil at a reasonable rate. 9. To Solve the Water problem of the middle east through creating new water ways to channel water from Turkey into Jordan, Syria, Israel and Iraq without hurting Turkey. This will prevent one state from hogging all the water resources. 10. To solve the conflicts in Georgia and to make peace with the Russians. 11. To solve the conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan. 12. To secure our people's God given rights. 13. To improve education to the standard of suburban areas of the United States of America who have considerable amount of resources to spend on children. (Between 22 and 25 thousand Dollars a Year). 14. To establish checks and balances of power between the offices, such as Judicial, Senate and Executive. 15. To acknowledge the rights of women who deserve equal rights to men. 16. To have equality for any religion and any ethnicity and race. 17. To have the right to bear arms as long as they comply with the laws of each state. 18. To ensure that State laws over-ride Federation laws within reason. 19. To ensure that Federation laws will only go into effect if all States ratify each bill. 20. To Ban abortions that take place 40 days after conception unless a mother who has intentions to have a baby undergoes medical complications and must give up the baby if such a precedure does that exist that would allow both mother and baby to live. 21. To Ban the death penalty. 22. To enforce stricter parole laws so that murderers do not enter the populace to murder again. 23. To ban Homosexual Marriages. 24. To secure the borders of the (ASF) by placing proper security on the borders, using fly over helicopters, using the coast guard and having check points. At places of low inhabitance on the border, we will construct massive walls. 25. We will develop a significant space program. 26. We will be open to any Christian or Islamic State applying for acceptance into the (ASF). 27. Every Jewish person may have dual citizenship inside of the (ASF) through the state of Israel or any other State. 28. Students will be required to take one of three Abrahamic religions theology class, (Judaism, Christianity or Islam). If students do not want to take one of these three, they may choose other theology classes available in that school such as Hinduism. 29. There will be a singular currency coined by the senate. 30. There will be a flexible flat tax put into effect and debated upon by the Senate and Executive Branch. 31. The Executive Branch will be made up of 6 Leaders. Two Jews, Two Christians, One Sunni Muslim and One Shiite Muslim. The title of each leader will be voted upon by the public. 32. There are 27 Sovereign States within the Federation. Each state will receive 2 Senators. 33. The 6 Leaders of the Federation may only serve two terms made up of 4 years if they are voted in. The 27 Senators may only serve two terms made up of 4 years if they are voted in. 34. Jihad and Wahabism will be banned within the Federation. 35. Students will be required to take a secondary language that the whole Federation will agree upon. Old languages of the states will be slowly phased out, however you are incorraged to pass down your native tongue to your child. 36. Once a month there will be a prayer and feast day for Jews, Christians and Muslims all together. A Rabbi, a Priest and a Cleric will be present at the gathering. They will take turns reading from their holy books in the same language. Finally, all three groups will say a prayer in unison and then their creed. For example, We believe in One God, Maker of Heaven and Earth...etc... Lastly, there will be a big feast.

*There are more suggestions to come*

37. There will be a National and International Intelligence Agency. The Jews will run Mossad Mossad will report directly to the two Jewish leaders. The Christians and Muslims will form their own Intelligence Agencies. They will report directly to their 2 leaders respectively. Finally, all 3 Agencies will report to an Intelligence Head who reports directly to the Senate. 38. War will only be declared through defensive means. Pre-Emptive War will be outlawed. No state or the Whole Federation will be forced to cast votes on wars since if such an event arises it will be in defense and just. 39. The Currency system will be made up of two parts. One National and One International. Everyone will be given a National Allowance in compensation for the work that they do(You cannot receive less than what can sustain a normal diet or coverage for an average cancer patient's cost for hospital bills, treatments and drugs). In addition to the National Allowance, each worker will earn the amount of wage assigned by their employer. National Allowance will be used in supermarkets, hospitals and farmacies only where the Government regulates the price. All non-essential goods will be bought with the International Currency which you can only attain if you have a job.

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posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 07:41 PM
Noble goal I commend you for it Perez!

I have some remarks now I am not of Semite or Middle Eastern origin, so I canít say if your laws are good or bad, but I would offer some of my views on some of the amendments.

To End All Terrorism

Now again, noble goal but some of the terrorism isnít aimed at the Middle Eastern countries but the west, how would making a Pan-Arabic state prevent that?

To secure our people's God given rights

What is your GOD given right, do GOD gives out rights? Now I believe in the HUMAN rights are you referring to them?

To have the right to bear arms as long as they comply with the laws of each state.

Well I canít agree with that law, bringing more arms in this world doesnít help peace, its like saying ďyou got to have war, before you can have peaceĒ

To Ban abortions that take place 40 days after conception.

Why 40 days any specific reason for that? In my land itís legal to get an abortion until the 3rd trimester. Unless there are found damages or some thing there shouldnít be there then you can have an abortion up to the 6th trimester. And finally there canít be a law for such things it is solely the choice of the female who carries the child. How ever she should get all the support and help she needs if she chooses to remove this embryo or child.

To ban Homosexual Marriages.

Again is this the governmentís job to decide who you want to live your life with? Freedom of choice, now I am not homosexual myself as you know Perez, but I wont dictate what other men and women choose to do in the privacy of their own home.

To secure the borders of the (ASF) by placing proper security on the borders, using fly over helicopters, using the coast guard and having check points. At places of low inhabitance on the border, we will construct massive walls

We are in the process of tearing down walls; you think it would help to build more? Again NO MORE WALLS!

But Perez a fine and noble goal you should be proud, if more in the middle east thought like that peace would be closer.


posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 08:03 PM
The Islamic clerics would put pressure on terrorists all over the world to stop commiting murder which is definitely against what Allah, Yahweh or God wishes.

Our rights are given by God. God gave us the right to breathe air and eat food.

We will have the right to bear arms just like the United States has the right to bear arms. In order to crush Tyrany.

A Rabbi told me that it is wrong to terminate the fetus of a human after 40 days. Although many jews do not follow this.

I am sure over 90% of the people in this region oppose homosexual marriages anyway since they are very religious.

We aren't blocking people from leaving our country, we just want to keep threats out of our nation. We will be taking down the walls between Israel and Palestine. We will do what the U.S. has failed to do, safely protect their country's borders.

[edit on 31-8-2004 by DetectivePerez]

posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 10:32 AM
Some more information on the reasons for applying this plan:

Pan-Arabism :

Pan-Arabism is a movement for unification among the Arab peoples and nations of the Middle East. Though its origins can be traced to the anti-Imperialist nationalist movement among Arab peoples preceding World War I, a more formalized pan-Arab ideology was first espoused in the 1940s in Syria by Michel Afleq, a founder of the Ba'ath (Renaissance) Party, combining elements of both socialism and Italian fascism. A pan-Arab ideology lay at the basis of various attempts over the past fifty years to unite various Arab nation-states, most notably the short-lived United Arab Republic, which united Egypt and Syria (and for a brief time would encompass Sunnis, Druze, and Christian Arabs. Similarly, Tariq Aziz, a Christian and the deputy prime minister of Iraq under Saddam Hussein, was another prominent pan-Arabist.

What we get from this Abrahamic State:

Blocking of a New World Order.
Blocking of Global Elistists.
Peace Between Israel and Palestine.
Peace between Pakistan and India.
Peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia.
Peace between Georgia and the Ossentia.
Peace between Russia and the former Soviet Nations.
Arrest of Osama Bin Laden.
Surrender of many terrorists.

posted on Sep, 2 2004 @ 03:51 PM
Anyone besides NeonHelmet want to comment on this?

posted on Sep, 2 2004 @ 05:15 PM
Nah to serious, they donít believe you can achieve it so they wonít bother commenting on it.
BTW I think itís a great post, perhaps people are tired of talking about the Middle East.


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